g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, February 28, 2005

rock. skate. roll. bounce.

the last few days in a recap:

wednesday was the project runway season finale. go jay!!!

thursday after the OC, i went out, in the snow, to a party for complex magazine. we were supposed to see ashton or christina, but instead we just saw editors.

friday a friend from universal records had her birthday party in a VIP lounge at the 40/40 club. huge leather bed, pool table, flat screen TVs. cool, friendly crowd, tiny cheeseburgers and birthday cake. no jay-z sightings, but it was awesome anyway.

saturday i strolled over to soho and hit up girlprops for some "inexpensive" jewelry. i also spent some time in leekan fingering imported cinnabar bracelets, chinese wedding cabinets and tibetan jackets. then somehow i ended up at bloomingdale's again, looking at my bag. again.

later i ventured uptown for a house party... drank gin and chitchatted.

house party

velvet jackets

and after that i headed back downtown. i'm friends with this all-girl band called boobytrap and their afterparty was at local 138.


i threw my leopard print coat down and headed for the bar, and when i came back, my buddy mars was rocking it!

coat thief

coat thief

it's all good. and not the first time a man was intrigued by the leopard.

anyway. tipsy and tired i made my way home, but first i stopped at the corner deli, where i saw these bottles of delerium nocturnum.


sort of summed things up. {along with the jesus/cat food sighting}

oscars? YAWN.

i'd rather talk about the feel-good hit of the summer, which is sure to be
roll bounce.

lace up your skates, kids. i can't wait!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

nine lives

saturday night, three am in the corner deli, this is what i see.

nine lives

Friday, February 25, 2005


Kid #1: Paper beats rock. BAM! Your rock is blowed up!
Kid #2: "Bam" doesn't blow up, "bam" makes it spicy. Now I got a SPICY ROCK! You can't defeat that!

--6 Train

rachael's fave from overheard in new york.

snow sucks.

snow sucks but at least i get to wear my wookie après-ski boots. the neighborhood kids like to make chewbacca noises at me but i don't care.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


got a little bit of time to kill?

click, and just keep on clicking: exactitudes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

remains of the day

quote of the day:

“No matter how much I try to be plain, people don't accept me, so I might as well be fabulous."

if you’re a project runway fan, you may recognize this as classic Austin Scarlett.

have you seen this girl?

i think you have. click here and see. more here.

do you know where you are?

i am here. enter your street address and get satellite-specific. stalkerrific!
{note: the NYC images are from 1994, so if you live in a newish building, you won’t find it. on the other hand, the twin towers are still there. go figure.}

Monday, February 21, 2005

three day weekend catch-up



girly tea @ the wild lily tea room. scones + clotted cream + jam = delicious. the downtown girl tea rules.

next up we hit the whitney. it's all about tim hawkinson. bird made of fingernails, balloon self-portrait, autograph machine. genius. twisted, but genius.

a stroll down madison avenue and pit stops in ysl, barneys, lacoste, dior and bergdorf. what do you think i saw in bergdorf? the bag i've been trying to stop thinking about. for crying out loud.

by the time i got home i was so tired all i could do was get in bed and watch wimbledon with the adorable paul bettany. he's so cute i almost feel like i should start hanging out in park slope so i can catch a glimpse of him. almost. paul, i loved your wife in labyrinth!


um... yes it is

brunch at aka cafe, a little shopping at h&m and then to decodance to get iron-on letters put on my purchases.

later i met my brother, my mom and her friend from out of town at the behemoth time warner center for food and music at dizzy's club coca-cola. the legendary bobby short was in the house - we shared an elevator with him down to the lobby.

the snow started falling, but that didn't stop us from cabbing it down to APT for a drink. and after that we got adventurous and headed to bembe. there was an accident on the williamsburg bridge and we almost didn't make it. once there, with all the snow, we were almost stranded in brooklyn...


i went to see ong bak. all i can say is that my man tony jaa kicks ass. don't believe me? watch him here. dude is no joke. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

southpark yourself

that's me.

make one of your own.

(seen at saffy's site)

hurts so good

i really really really really really want this shirt!



seen at the daily.

they should also have one that says naomi clocked me with her cell phone, but i'll take what i can get.

click here for slap-happy details.

previously on the OC

the many moods of mischa.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

check yourself before you wreck yourself

ooooooh girl!

a photographer in LA sent these snaps to my editor-in-chief, who, in turn, sent them to me.

los angeles puts the ass in classy!

Monday, February 14, 2005

true love?

just in time for valentine's day: mary kay will marry vili. let's hope those crazy kids stay 2gether 4ever. oh! and get them some plates or something, why don't you? they're registered online.

moving right along

saturday night i went to visit my friend the brit bartender at bembe with hrh and his french ami. we danced to salsa, merengue and brazilian beats. my partner was an older smarmy gentleman named danny. he was a little grabby but a great dancer - when i would relinquish control and let him lead, that is. which was hard for me to do. hey, modern girl here.

williamsburg bridge
boxing boy
manu et hrh
ghost of me

sunday i slept, ran errands and ate fish & chips with the brit.

random: if you have $5.7 million, you can have your very own house with a white picket fence, right here in manhattan! (via curbed)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

codeword: saffron

we went to the opening of the gates today. stopped for a VIP reception at tavern on the green, where the daisies matched the fabric outside. ate quiche, drank bloody marys. more walking - past the fountain, where a winter bride was having her picture taken. through the rambles and east to the met. saw the gates from the roof, visited arms and armour, the temple of dendur (sigh!) and the fashion exhibit (again) while we were at it. took the 6 train home and rested.

gates 1

gates 2

gates 3

gates 4

gates 5

tavern on the spleen


6 train home

Friday, February 11, 2005


some of us drank quite a bit of champagne last night at the intergenerational pre-construction cornbread and ham valentine's day party @ my mom's house. some of us laughed loudly, danced in our stocking feet and ate cupcakes topped with lil red heart candles. some of us feel fine, and do not plan on upchucking, but we still find today's post title, hurlhattan, rather funny.

please zeus make it stop

okay, on a super superficial, totally shallow, utterly capitalistic tip right now:
i’m obsessed with a bag.
i first saw it in the window of TG-170.
then in bloomingdale’s uptown.
then in bloomingdale’s soho.
and finally in the rafé store on the bowery.
it’s gold, it’s huge, it’s snakeskin. whut whut?
any sponsors out there want to help a poor writer out?

caviar taste, fishstick budget.

the story of my life.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i'm tryna wreck homes like angelina jolie

my own personal opinion is that my girl aj had nothing to do with brad and jen's breakup. i think she's too busy adopting russian orphans and getting maddox ice cream and hot hair cuts to bust up a marriage.
(although if brad does feel that she's the woman of his dreams, honestly, who can blame him?)

and yet: this is funny.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

blog blog blog

it’s been a hectic few days here in girlhattan...

thursday i went on a date, which — along with the tsunami and global warming — is one of the true signs of the apocalypse. {he was charming, and I do love nublu, where we had cocktails and listened to gypsy beats.}

later i popped in at orchard bar where it was DJ henry’s swan song. i spent my entire summer dancing til 4AM with henry and melissa... henry will be missed!



friday there were after work drinks at good world. i hadn’t been there in a while, but i suddenly realized that with the elk head and the meatballs, good world was freeman’s before freeman’s existed.



saturday i had to hit toys in babeland to find a copy of sweet action magazine since my boy izzy from uncle fucker is in the new issue. i’ve known izzy since we were both about 16 years old, but i’d never seen him naked before. it was worth the wait.

later that night i went to see m.i.a. at the knitting factory. she’s so damn cute. no wonder all the blog boys sweat her.  

stopped by the tribeca grand and people after – so dead. what's up with that, tommy saleh?

sunday i went to see mike albo’s show at ps 122, which was insane and great. he did an interpretive trend dance that incorporated the lance armstrong bracelet, a pashmina, an 8 track and six sizes of cell phones. hard to explain, hysterical to watch.

after the show i started feeling ill, and later that night I had a fever. so monday i stayed home sick and watched black and white movies. baby doll is so brilliant, i hadn’t seen it since i was in high school but caroll baker is awesome. can it be true that this movie is not on DVD?

baby doll

i also watched lolita -- the kubrick version. shelley winters is one of the highlights — a true desperate housewife, in her leopard print blouse, trying to get humbert squared to cha cha with her. the one disappointing thing about this movie is that sue lyon never actually wears heart-shaped glasses while sucking on a lollipop. false advertising!

this is what you want:

this is what you get:


more later

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i heart art

today i am loving this artist: koichiro takagi

i stumbled on his work while checking out the vintage vandals show online - where artists remix thrift store art.

for example:



that one is by andy sargent. he encourages us all to hug more trees.