g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, September 29, 2005


please stand by

i'm sick.

i can barely breathe, much less blog.
i'm whispering to my white blood cells, "godspeed!" as they gallop into battle. fight the good fight, boys.
i'ma watch some teevee.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the bee eye gee dee-ay double dee why kay ay en-ee!

you're just a butter knife, i'm a machete

ain't no half steppin!!
i got so excited last night during the hip hop honors when my man big daddy kane was being serenaded with his own hits. genuine like gucci, raw like sushi, indeed.

put down the frown
when i'm wearing my crown

sorta forgot to talk about this:

ryan and marissa

last week, ryan and marissa finally went all the way.
more pix from last week's OC here.

tim moved to hong kong about a month ago and people are always asking about him, so when i was out over the weekend i took these pix for him:


cornelius, quite possibly the sexiest man in new york.
he's got a hot-ass band called the roughstars. their track "letter in blue" is one of my all-time favorite songs, for real.


stephen, my padawan.


nnadi: boxer, saxophonist, yoga enthusiast and bartender extraodinaire.

here's a happy song for everyone today:

from dancehall 69, a CD i highly highly highly recommend. the artist is derrick morgan and the track is called the conqueror. enjoy.

Monday, September 26, 2005

w o r d !

daily candy has their lexicon, fashion week daily has the fashion literacy project...

and now... girlhattan's bon mots. word!

tramp stamp*
a wide lower back tattoo on a female, exposed when drunk and/or scantily clad.
"Did you see that chick David was talking to? She had the fugliest tramp stamp!"

M.I.L.K. bag
a small bag or clutch just the right size for going out; holds Money, ID, Lipstick and Keys.
"I just want to change my shoes and grab a M.I.L.K. bag, I'll just be a second."

a person whose emails are practically incomprehensible due to poor grammar, spelling errors or overuse of emoticons. victims are usually, but not always, male.
"Yeah, he was hot, but then I checked my gmail and saw that he's a total e-tard. I just can't go there."

more to come, hopefully.
if you have any, let me know.

*courtesy of my sister

Friday, September 23, 2005


if you want to see something astoundingly beautiful, click here. WARNING: you may want to quit your job, sell all of your posessions and buy a one-way ticket to morocco. or is it only me?

if it's friday, it must be leftovers.

fridays are for leftovers.

for instance: silver adidas.

i have rising stars, and my friend matt, who works in my office, has forest hills. some days we match.

silver adidas



my friend max has pretty eyes.

my friend mark (in the background) is a little hyper.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

el oh ess tee

i am so glad that lost won an emmy.

i really think it's one of the best shows on TV.
i love that the cast is diverse - young old, multiracial...
i love how what one person thinks is true another person thinks is crazy talk.
it's faith vs. science, duty vs. destiny, community vs. egocentricity...

also? foxy fox is the foxiest fox ever to fox fox.

matthew fox, that is.

what i overheard...

what did i overhear?
click here and see.


- saw perez hilton last night at beige, very nice.

- the observer has a story about kai, formerly of asfour getting married to melissa formerly of WIT and because we love you at orchard bar. just like in the story in new york magazine, it doesn't seem to matter that he is gay.

- i see this guy in my neighborhood all the time. good to know he's there for a reason. i thought he was an extra from a the wild ride .

- revolver, the new guy ritchie flick.

reruns; rerun.

a saw a teeny part of an old ep of i love the 70s the other day, and they showed a clip of from what's happening with the following dialogue:

rerun: don't make fun of me because i'm fat. it runs in my family.

dee: no one runs in your family.

the funniest line i've heard on TV all year, and it's from 1978.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

simple question

delancey street sky thursday evening

why are some days three years longer than other days?

Monday, September 19, 2005


have you seen the brokeback mountain trailer?


i am so down with rugged boys making out in the wilderness on a mountaintop or whatever.
"you don't go up there to fish" is my new catchphrase.
and what about the sleepy, dreamy peepers on hot hottenhaal? *swoon*

the people's champ?

is it embarrassing, shameful, icky, weird, gross, ridiculous and beyond crackheaded to have a crush on paul wall?

just curious.

UPDATE: whoa. i just found out i'm not the only one.

Friday, September 16, 2005


pictures to go with recent words.

concept henry
beautiful concept henry @ the asfour denim launch party

employees only
cocktails @ empolyees only

anna sui runway show
anna sui runway show (gilles bensimon in the background, wearing a white t-shirt with an A)

fashion week fatigué
tsuyoshi = fashion week fatigué

red lobster feast remnants
red lobster remnants

delancey street sky thursday evening
thursday evening sky on delancey street

zac posen was a bust. didn't get into the show or the party. but you can see all the runway and backstage shots here, and i predict his bags will be the must-have item of the spring. they're gorgeous, but sort of quirky, in rich colors and offbeat sizes.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

anna ♥ mk?

last night i went to the anna sui show in the tents.

celebs: ciara, the asbolutely scrumptious scott weiland, (looking clean, sober and gorgeous), sofia coppola, and kelly osbourne.

the clothes: hippie chic loose flowy babydoll dresses, in boho prints or crocheted - like anna had raided mary-kate olsen's closet. you can see them here, and you can see backstage/front row pix here and here.

glamazon creature naomi campbell opened and closed the show. she is really stunning in person. i remember trying to interview her at an event when i was just a wee intern. traumatizing!

i also saw lots of fashion/publishing stars, like linda wells, gilles bensimon and irena pantaeva.

after the chaos, celebs and fashion tma and i gorged ourselves on crab legs and coconut shrimp at the red lobster in times square. it seemed like the right thing to do.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


last night i went to the cloak runway show. i wanted to take pictures but at the last moment realized that there were no batteries in my camera. how did that happen?

anyway, their clothes are sort of retrofuturerockandroll, with skinny skinny pale pale models and super loud heavy metal as the soundtrack. you can see more shots of the runway show here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

baby henry

one of my fave interracial couples, heidi and seal, had a baby boy named henry.

he will be hot, methinks.

i mean, is there any way he will NOT be tall, dark and gorgeous?

previous heidi and seal posts:

- seal to paparazzi: proteck ya neck!
- seal and heidi wear matching nail polish
- heidi+seal+david+iman = HOT

Monday, September 12, 2005

all you need is love.

i am not, i repeat - not, stalking my dentist.

but i did see him friday at the mob scene that was the asfour denim launch party. in fact, he led me past the velvet rope and clipboard people and got me and my girl hhc into the party.

(if you don't know anything about asfour, i suggest you read this. they are fascinating and should have their own reality show...)

the party was well lit, smoky and chaotic. i saw paper magazine's david hershkovits, jed weinstein, alice roi, photographer anothony gordon and lots of colorful and wacky characters.

the highlight was seeing teeny yoko ono. hhc and i smiled at her, and she smiled back.
later we saw sean lennon, scruffy and cute.

there are more of merlin bronques' pix here but i'm not in any of them. i left sort of early, because it was too crowded and i couldn't find henry to get workhorse in.

so i met workhorse out front and we hopped on his vespa and headed over to employees only for some champagne cocktails and conversation. we were joined by his friend sophie, and then we went back to his place where we were joined by my brother, and we pretty much stayed up all night drinking beer and playing records. i got home shortly before sunrise.

saturday i saw the delectable nunzio at rita hazan and had the locks chopped. the man is not only beautiful, he's a genius.

after nunzio, i wandeed down madison avenue - in and out of barney's, chanel, dior, YSL and so on... then back downtown where i sort of passed out and didn't wake up until 3am. i'd missed my saturday night - and several phone calls - and i couldn't go back to sleep. hello, diamonique!

sunday after eggs at casimir i went to thompkins square park to read. it was a glorious, sunny day and the park was full of people and dogs and birds chirping... and then it slowly began to fill with punk kids. really young kids in impossibly skinny jeans and black t-shirts, with heavy chain/studded/bullet belts and mohawks.

and as i sat there reading, a stage was being set up and it became a race - could i finish my book before the show started? the answer was no. i was on the second to the last chapter when this wall of hardcore punk rock music came at me, speedy and unrelenting. i think the song was called "i'm not sober." and i have to admit, they weren't bad. the music just wasn't conducive to reading. even though their mohawks were really nice and colorful, i left before the next band - choking victim - came on.

last night while working i saw this t-shirt, so everything came full circle.

Friday, September 09, 2005

art & sneakers

last night i went to the yoshitomo nara opening at the marianne boesky gallery in chelsea. they've constructed a tiny studio inside the gallery, and you can peek in and see the artist's sketches and "workspace."

afterwards we headed down to apt for a screening of the documentary just for kicks. even if you're not a sneaker addict like i am, i highly recommend this movie! you get to see characters like bobbito, fab 5 freddy, bonz malone and dame dash talk about their obsessions - from shelltoes to jordans to dunks. it was funny and informative, although not completely thorough - you could do a 12 hour series, ken-burns style, on the sneaker freaker phenomenon. i mean, the japanese kids who line up in my neighborhood for rare kicks are a story unto themselves.

actually, a 12 hour film on sneakers is not really necessary. but you know who is super cute, and in this film? mathieu kassovitz. ooh la la. bonjour, mon cher.

by the way, apt is kind of a cool place to see a movie. they usually have movie nights on tuesdays... and they have a popcorn machine.

apt movie screening

on my way home i took a picture of the view on delancey street - as we near the 11th, the world trade center lights are back.

delancey street

Thursday, September 08, 2005

maybe i'll marry my ipod. maybe i won't.

you know when you decide to shuffle your playlists, or do a party shuffle, and you hear a song you haven't heard in a while and you're like, damn. that's a good song?

that's how i felt about this: she's always in my hair by prince.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

tagging in portuguese

suckapants has pix of graffiti in brasil, check it out. (other good stuff, too, on the main page.)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

lazy labor

after partying like it was the end of the world this last month, i was so happy to have a low-key weekend. i read a book, did some tax free shopping, and also spent some time in one of my favorite havens, kate's paperie. i bought some exquisite pink notecards and envelopes embossed with a pea hen, as well as some crane's cards and a nice pen. the fountain pen subsequently exploded all over my hand when i got home, but even that seemed sort of romantic and old-timey. the ink-stained writer at home in her hovel.

i also watched old boy on DVD. a crazy crazy film. i enjoyed it, but i was definitely a bizarre journey. A+ cinematography.

monday hrh, richard famous friend and i went to the west indian day parade, which was loud, chaotic and fun. great music, good food, and a lot of flesh on display. the women really have amazing body confidence, and often the larger the woman, the less clothing. what i really like are feathers. and headdresses. and feather headdresses. le sigh!

fish and chicken


boy and flag

gold and beads


green fast

after the parade we had drinks at apt, stopped by the maritime, and then by splash for musical mondays, and ended up chowing down at cafeteria before heading home to snooze.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005

the times has amazing/heartbreaking katrina aftermath pictures. (make the window smaller if you have to, to get better quality images).

can you imagine a major american city totally empty for three months or more? they don't even expect to have power for two months, and it's 100° there with sewage and bodies (and flooded above-ground graveyards). absolutely awful. i felt slightly better after donating to the red cross, but i am still traumatized.