g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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butterfield 8

what a f*¢#ing depressing week.

and it's only wednesday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

everything you like

krudmart had this ryan mcginness tee a while ago.

now urban outfitters is selling one. is ryan getting a cut? i dunno. i sorta doubt it.


so i'm on this site called buzznex, it's kind of like myspace or friendster, but different.
anyway, i have a hot list filled with stuff i either have or WANT.

check out the nixon watch, that's hot.

Monday, August 29, 2005

time flies when you're soaking in gin.

{funny how time flies
when you're having fun.}

i went to see my beloved dentist, and we were together for about 3 hours. the last of my replacement fillings, thank zeus.

later there were drinks and shimmying at kush, followed by more drinks and way more shimmying at 6s & 8s.

2 am

when my dentist rolled in at about 1am i was thrilled.


the afterparty at workhorse's house was all rooftop love and chilling. freaky yoga provided by poogene.



we got a late late start but had margaritas at benny's in the west village, followed by 2 for 1 cocktails at the urge and karaoke at second on second. lots of duets, some gospel, some britney. later there was dinner at funky broome - shiny!

shiny food @ funky broome

started out at vento in the meat packing district, where we had a lindsay lohan sighting. i didn't grab my camera til the last minute and she's barely in the shot, but maybe you can recognize the side of her face?

lindsay lohan

later we spent some time in alexander mcqueen, he has the most gorgeous clothes. wish i had $2000 to drop on a silver pleated skirt, or leopard print belted coat, cuz i would.

later we scooted over to the howl festival in tompkins square park, hopping over to porch on ave C for a drink before coming back for wigstock. i loves me some flotilla de barge.

dinner was at leon, with the hot hot hot christophe from geneva serving us and making us swoon. i said something in french that prompted him to give us a glass of wine on the house.

after dinner we walked down to congee village, which is too well lit but has the cheapest freaking drinks in the LES. sapphire & tonic = $4.50. the decor is psychotic and out of control - part castle, part tiki hut, part enchanted forest slash pirate ship. 80s neon bar stools and petrified wood stump chairs, fish pond, brass pony... so awesome. we also had delicious dumplings, pork fried rice, and a light and non-greasy scallion pancake. our bartender LJ didn't look a day over 19 and was very sweet to us.

my pony @ congee village

after four rounds of drinks we were back at kush for some dancing and hookah and one last round. then some of us needed dessert, so we headed to a 24 hour diner and had cake, shakes, ice cream sundaes and such. the cab driver had a horse on his dashboard.

cab pony

was a day of recovery and work - had to watch the MTV VMAs and get started on a fashion story that needs to be turned around ASAP...

that's all for now, more soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

subway advice

even the F train has advice for me.

{another day, another empeethree: this time it's a blast from the past.}

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

shake shack

dinner at the shake shack last night was divine.
delicious burgers and fantastic company.
(he knows who he is...)

my music industry crush

if you know me, you know i am desperately in love with israeli record exec lyor cohen.

everytime i see him at an event i simply swoon.
so tall, so tan, so brash, so smart, so in love with hip hop.

anyway. he's in the post today.

August 24, 2005 -- JASON Flom didn't quit as co-chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records Group, as early reports characterized his departure — he was fired. Lyor Cohen, head of recorded music at Warner Music, handed Flom a press release detailing his "resignation" at LAX airport, telling him, "You're finished!" Flom has been replaced by archrival Craig Kallman, former co-chairman and COO at Atlantic, who assiduously cultivated Cohen, even vacationing with his boss at the Four Seasons resort on the Caribbean island of Nevis, a music business insider tells PAGE SIX's Tom Sykes. Flom, 44, is now thought to be taking a va cation in Aspen, and could not be reached, but he is said to be devastated by his sacking after devoting 26 years to Atlantic. Flom's exceptional A&R track record includes artists such as Sugar Ray, Kid Rock, Tori Amos, Simple Plan, Skid Row, Twisted Sister, Matchbox Twenty and the Corrs. Atlantic declined to comment.

seen on ludlow street

please stand by

...in the window of the fuck yoga store.

unrelated: this is my new favorite song.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

d e s i r e

every now and then, i get obsessed with some random luxury item i definitely don't need, but i want with a deep and burning desire.

right now that item is a cartier gold panther ring.

le sigh. for realz.

i also want the director DVDs coming out from palm pictures.
i'll take mark romanek (Johnny Cash "Hurt", Audioslave "Cochise", No Doubt "Hella Good", Nine Inch Nails "Closer", Madonna "Rain", Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way", Fiona Apple "Criminal") and i'd also really like stephane sedanoui (Red Hot Chili Peppers "Scar Tissue", Bjork "Possibly Maybe", U2 "Mysterious Ways", Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give It Away"). thanks.

white is the new black; black is the new pink

it's been a while since i posted anything interracial couple-related.

luckily, heidi klum and seal wear the same nail polish. and it's not sweet summery pink, either. it's black. that's hot!

some pregnant women look fantastic, glowing and radiant.




last night mildred pierce was on TV...

joan crawford

naturally, i had to take some pictures.

i hate to say this but i am glad fall tee vee is coming back!
i have a had a full summer, lots of drunk-ass nights
and dinner outside and lovely lovely hot hot evenings
BUT i am super psyched for the O.C. and lost...

{some images via just jared}

Monday, August 22, 2005

it's absolutely ridiculous...

...how cute this kid is.

white is the new saturday night.

the white party was a success.
sloppy and delicious and so fresh and so clean.
i took about 120 pictures and haven't finished uploading them yet,
but here's a lil preview:



chill bill



tim & mom

Thursday, August 18, 2005

breaking news

breaking news:

i got new sneakers.

new kicks

my ankles look weird. i was holding the camera upside down.

ok. so i also saw ludacris in the 23rd street C train station.

ludacris in the 23rd street C train station

as well as tony shalhoub.

monk in the 23rd street C train station

i love it when people write on ads in the subway. it's like the city is talking back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



i just want to recommend slower.net to anyone who might be reading.

it's a photoblog.

and it's just one photo a day (you can see the previous pix you've missed by clicking on the left-hand side of the photos) but there are such good shots.

it's nice to break up your day, take a breather, a see a nice photograph.

i met eliot at a flickr meetup one time and he seems super cool.

that is all.

gin, and then later, juice.
and maybe a hot dog.

clinton papaya

gray's and the king had better move over. because now there's clinton papaya.

when the deli down the street (on clinton and delancey) closed, i hoped that a new, better, cleaner, less ghetto deli would open.

the guys working at the old deli were pretty nice, but late night they would only communicate through a swiveling bullet-proof glass window.

i always got my fingers pinched and never really got what i wanted.

but this.
this is potential genius.

with "hipster paradise" the delancey merely inches away, these people could make a fortune.
they were open when i was on my way home from work, but closed when i came out again at midnight.

they need to do a little demographic research and learn to

that way they can catch the drunks coming out of the club-
alcohol impairs your ability to resist nitrates, for sure.
and, mmmmm, papaya.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

get laid.

last night i went to a screening of the 40 year-old virgin and i LOVED it. i am all for the return of the adult comedy when it's smart. smart *and* funny. the wedding crashers was pretty good, but i think this movie was better. you can't help falling for steve carrell's character, and his rag-tag group of "friends" are weirdly colorful losers, each in their own way. and i appreciated the multi-culti cast. i don't even want to say too much, except it was good.

Monday, August 15, 2005

wheee! celebrity panties! (click for big pic, which you know you want, you freakin perv.)

{via ONTD}



kill avril

unfortunately the warped tour was not what i hoped. i was told to come early and check in early, so i got there at 11am - then i found out that MCR would not go on until 7pm. it was 98° and crazy humid and i only lasted a few hours in the backstage/press area before i had to run away to manhattan (and air conditioning).

i did see the dudes from fall out boy, my friend seva, who's in a band called like yesterday and i got to chat with the absolutely delicious mike herrera from mxpx. le double sigh.

mike herrera

Friday, August 12, 2005


black summer

there's a ton of stuff i either just forgot or was too distracted/lazy to blog about.

- dinner at the shake shack with friends makes summer worthwhile

- hedge fund socials, especially when held on a sidewalk on east ninth street with free booze and lots of dogs, are actually fun

- listening to goldfrapp makes the day go faster (link is to the hot new video, complete with silver disco pony)

- running into josh madden in the middle of the night makes the whole night seem better

- i'm sort of in love with the starrett-lehigh building, except i forget until i'm in it, looking out of the windows onto yachts and the river

i think there is more but i'll have to do this later.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

i've got ovaries.

i've always said it takes ovaries to be a woman. you gotta have strength and confidence and if you've got the ovaries to be daring, you'll go far.

anyway. someone somewhere took this concept—except with testicles—and made jewelry.

that's right.

testicle-inspired jewelry.

i don't support this. but if you want to see it, click here.

related (?) - this jewelry is apparently perfect for jose canseco.

(from page six)
JOSE Canseco said a lot about his steroid abuse in his best-selling autobiography, "Juiced." But he left out the part about his shrunken testicles. His blond and buff ex-wife Jessica (above), who met the slugger on her third day waiting tables at Hooters in Cleveland, now reveals in Playboy: "Jose's were non-existent. They're not there . . . It wasn't until we separated and I dated that I realized it . . . With other guys I was like, 'Wow, those are some very large . . .' "

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

wake me up when september ends.

whoa. the new green day video almost amde me cry. my editor in chief came over and i had tears in my eyes.

i saw it on TRL but i think you can watch it here.

starring evan rachel wood (thirteen) and jamie bell (billy elliot)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

oh, make me over...

hey, remember that episode of the osbournes where jack went to visit courtney love and she was half-naked and insane?

well, these days jack looks great....

courtney, on the other hand....

(lots more images on jj)

poseurs in st. tropez

fame#3887, originally uploaded by crocket22.

david totally parties like spoiled brat.

get your teeth fixed, get drunk, take a hike

here's some of the stuff that went down...

my hot-ass sister came back from cuba.
we walked, we talked, we shopped at urban with yellow in tow.

while i was in urban, my dentist called me.
he asked if i could move my thursday appointment from 4:30 to noon.
this would involve missing a hell of a lot of work.
in fact, since i work so far away,
this would involve not going to work at all.
so i said yes.
my dentist is hot,
and i will pretty much do whatever he asks,
even if it means flossing.
once or twice, anyway...

later that day i met kate, who was having dinner with her family at 71 clinton, and we had drinks at my regal beagle, crudo.
gin-and-tonics out-of-doors = ♥

i had a leisurely morning, an endless dentistry session, and then i went to find some supplies for the white party. because the person who is throwing the white party, aka bluetwj, aka my so-called best friend, sometimes reads this blog, i cannot reveal what i shopped for. but it was an adventure. i was in a weird storeroom on the 8th floor of a building on 36th street and i was feeling sneezy.

thursday night i met up with my sister and her friend at epstein's.
we went to see henry, who was spinning at 6s and 8s, but it was early (midnight) and quiet, so we went next door to kush to chitchat with nnadi.
he was flirting with everybody, as usual.
some chick even licked his nipple.
"some girls would take him home," she said to my sister, "but i just licked his nipple. that's all i wanted."

later we went back to 6s & 8s and it was crazy downstairs.
it was highenergylatinreggae or something.
not reggaeton.
something else.
and hot latin boys everywhichwhere you looked.
jumping up and down and hollering.
i hadn't seen boys that brown and hot since the time i accidentally stumbled onto the line to see café tacuba at webster hall because it was blending with the line to see charlie and the chocolate factory at the movie theater on 3rd & 11th.

anyway we hung with those boys for awhile and then went back upstairs to be with henry.
around 2:30am when i was more than a little tipsy, who should walk into 6s and 8s but my dentist???

that's right.
my dentist.

my dentist is way cool and super hot and very fashionable and i had to have my sister take our picture.

my dentist

i was so happy and full of cocktails that i'm pretty sure i looked at him dreamily and said with a sigh, "i love you."

if you look closely you will see that i am wearing a piece of very fine jewelry my sister made for me that day;
it is a long beaded necklace made entirely of organic spinach penne.

i went to get my bike fixed, had some sushi lunch with bluetwj, sort of melted from the heat and stayed in.

bluetwj and i biked to the west village and had breakfast at tartine, then hit flight 001 and so on...

saturday night i was at a bbq in the slope hosted by the fantastic ms.cole, aka my benicio stencil buddy.

my sister, my brother, jacky, kate, bluetwj and i went hiking through the woods to a lake.
girlhattan? hiking?
it's true.
mountain kids
chill bill

that's about it....

more later.

Monday, August 08, 2005

sorry sorry sorry

el CHE, originally uploaded by turtleandyellow.

sorry i haven't been blogging, things are a little crazy....

my sister came back from cuba, i'm preparing for the gigantic white party, i had some intense stuff happen with my *dentist* and so on.... details soon, i swear.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

hearty har har

this is one of the reasons i &hearts neighborhoodies.

(this is another...)