g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my brush with the law

enjoy being awake at night.

well i've been on jury duty for the past few days and now i am actually a JUROR. i've stopped wearing my studded belt because the metal detectors at the courthouse are kind of a bitch. unfortunately, cameras are not allowed in the building - there are amazing views of the architectural details of the courts, the woolworth building, the municipal building and so on. it's a criminal case and i heard two witnesses testify today. but the cooler part is just being downtown in this GORGEOUS weather. i've been riding my ridiculous bike to court, and when we break for lunch i do a little curated creative cuisine. monday i ate at pho pasteur; barbecued beef on rice vermicelli noodles and a coke, total price: $5.75. tuesday i had a salad with grilled chicken and goat cheese at lucky strike, and today i had steak soft tacos with lime and a grapefruit jarritos at esquina - not only did i sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, they threw in a free slice of watermelon for dessert. bring on the evidence: my verdict? so far so good!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

don't give up: girlcrush!

the noisettes - shingai shoniwa

the noisettes - shingai shoniwa

the noisettes - shingai shoniwa

so yeah i went to see the noisettes last night @ mercury lounge and shingai shoniwa is my new girlcrush. she's so badass. her voice sounded great and she plays the bass like she's plotting revenge. my pix suck, please please watch the video for "don't give up."

i've posted it before but it' soooo worth it:

and while we're watching videos, might as well watch the alternate younglove video - that made me write an email that read YOUNGLOVE OMG OMG unbearably hot!!!

um - yes please.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Friday, April 20, 2007

skinny legs and all

a while back, i posted a lil something about the horrors. reacquaint yourself with the boys by watching their "banned" video, sheena is a parasite:

recently i fell back in love with them because i saw a video of their drummer, coffin joe, dancing to NWA:

um, yeah. adorable. again, here is coffin joe:

and guitarist joshua von grimm:

okay, enough of that...

track of the day: planningtorock - i wanna bite ya

bonus! second track of the day: the pipettes - your kisses are wasted on me


pipettes video!


thank zeus it's friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hold me and tell me we'll burn like stars


breakfast on the F train platform

the aforementioned rat.


mike's t-shirt.


mike's sharpie tattoos i made for him {sometimes work is boring}.

flickr faves as of 04/19

recent flickr faves.

track of the day: a.f.i. - kiss and control

we all want to die like movie stars
you said as you jumped from the height of our cutting room floor
while above us, glowing, exploding,
our dreams burst forth in light and death
hold me and tell me we'll burn like stars
we'll burn as we fall
watch as city lights dance for us

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

kate moss has her own font.

kate moss has her own font. i ask you this: is it thin enough?

{back in the day i was really into helvetica neue extended thin, and my friend jennifer said they should make helvetica kate moss - an even thinner version.... }


i went through a phase where i watched *a lot* of gsn. especially the old stuff. match game, to tell the truth, what's my line. i totally fell in love with kitty carlisle hart. she was so park avenue, such an old-school socialite, but not afraid to make fun of herself. she was a great friend of the met as well.


this morning on the F train platform, in the yellow zone, close to the edge, a large rat was very calmly eating his breakfast - it appeared to be a small chunk of donut. it was 8:35 am. rush hour. but the rat was ignoring everyone lining up on the platform. stone cold chillin. people were giving the rat a wide berth, but also looking at him like, dude, why aren't you skittering away? as the F train pulled into the station, i half-expected the rat to get on and ride with me to west 4th.

track of the day: the pierces - boring

Monday, April 16, 2007

april showers, hair flowers.

new york shitty

ah, new york shitty! april showers, hair flowers.

friday i found myself in the boiler room, where sometime ago i made out with a guy in front of a sign for a scavenger hunt. my brother and close friends photographed this event.

anyway, friday. hrh and i were ready to leave but hadn't finished our drinks - so we snuck them out, went to a deli and poured them into coffee cups.

vodka in coffee cup

hewley had a vodka and soda.

gin in coffee cup

i had a gin and tonic.

boycott money

boycott money? good luck with that.

we arrived at mr. black, where the boys were pushy and the music was fun. i met "the ass", who served me a free kamikaze shot and then had me photographed next to his posterior. michael musto did the same, later.

the ass

the ass

mr. black

mr. black


mr. black

hrh & tsuyoshi

window shopping late night...


saturday was a lovely day to wake up and bike around the neighborhood...

never hide


this is how you know it's spring: a tiny pigeon egg fell out of an abandoned building down the street. poor kid never had a chance.

pigeon egg



delancey st

blood and urine only

i'm not saying the dead pigeon was a sign, but i biked to caravan and bought the necklace i'd had my eye on since december...

new necklace

track of the day: richard cheese - creep (radiohead cover)

{i wish i was special
you're so fucking special
but i'm a creep
i'm a weirdo}

Friday, April 13, 2007

holy crap

behold, the saint i bought for 50¢ on easter:

saint somebody (was 50¢)

i don't know who he is. or what he does. but whatever he does, he's doing it now.

track of the day: acceptable in the 80s