g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, May 31, 2007

when does optimism become stupidity?

no standing

no standing you are here

the beauty of growing up in new york is that you're quite aware of how delicate life is. a sense of safety is fleeting. you could be jumped, punched, stabbed, shot, blown up, hit by a bus, pushed on to the subway tracks, electrocuted by a grate or mauled by a crack-addled pit bull at any moment. so you'd better enjoy yourself while you can.

oh, and while you're enjoying yourself and loving the world and befriending the person next to you, who then starts coughing his lungs out, remember - he's probably just given you TB.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

memories of a memorable memorial day

as far as i am concerned, my memorial day started thursday. after-work cocktails on the roof of the met.

metropolitan museum of art
when i got there these kids were skateboarding and sort of nonchalantly bleeding from scrapes, so cute.

metropolitan museum of art

metropolitan museum of art rooftop
we were ostensibly celebrating frank stella's huge metal sculptures.

metropolitan museum of art rooftop

metropolitan museum of art

metropolitan museum of art rooftop

metropolitan museum of art rooftop
the light was heavenly.

metropolitan museum of art rooftop

metropolitan museum of art rooftop
ditto the desserts.

metropolitan museum of art rooftop
the moon made an appearance.

friday: highlights @ julien farel, bergdorf goodman, fao schwartz, central park, tacos on the upper west side. later: stopped by freeman's but ended up @ barmarché.


san genaro
carefully avoided the italian sausage fest or whatever.

had some post-prandial cocktails at the urge where a drag queen who was probably a hot guy lip-synced joan jett's cover of gary glitter's "do you wanna touch me."

my attorney arrived from l.a. dressed to kill. or maim.

trash and vaudeville

b bar
he bought a new ring - the indian head. sort of jealous. i could have bought one too, but it's called restraint, hello. i also saw a bird skull ring that sort of matches my necklace except you can open up the cranium and store a tiny stash where the brains would be.

b bar
my attorney purchased shoes and hats.


b bar

bowery hotel room 314

later we partied in room 314 at the bowery hotel. highly recommended. we brought our own champagne and workhorse provided the ceviche.

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314

bowery hotel room 314
gotta love that view.

when we ran out of champagne in room 314 we headed to freeman's for another bottle.

then i ran into some guy with a delorean, which is my second favorite car after the karmann-ghia.


the cock
we went to the cock and danced and did whatever you do at the cock.
then i went home while others partied more.

david bowie - ashes to ashes
i nursed my hangover with vh1 classic. hi david.

david bowie - ashes to ashes
ashes to ashes, indeed.

cherry icy
this also helped. cherry icy from my corner, $1.00.

i wanted to buy these for poogene but they only had mediums.

little italy
nik enjoys little italy.

128 billiards café
my attorney enjoys an afternoon cocktail.

shopping at bblessing was a psuedo-religious experience...

...in a religion where you can't afford to worship.

congee village
congee village seems to suddenly be filled with underaged drinkers. they'd better be careful or they're gonna get shut down. the quality of the underaged drinkers was extremely low, as well. like if i had to grade how much i wanted to hang with them, on a scale of one to ten - they're at less than zero.

grand central station
monday i found myself going out on a limb. this involved taking a train from grand central station...

larchmont manor park
...to beautiful "wastechester" - sometimes it's good to surprise yourself.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


lots of stuff happened but it takes time to digest and upload pix.

entertain yourself in the meantime with an adam ant video i watched on VH1 classic over the weekend whilst hungover.


adam and the ants - stand and deliver

Thursday, May 24, 2007

icky thump

new white stripes video!

well, americans what?
nothing better to do?
why don't you kick yourself out -
you're an immigrant too
who's using who?
what should we do?
well, you can't be a pimp and a prostitute too...


i'm just going to warm up some stuff from earlier in the week.

hot ticket

monday i had a hot ticket: entry to a press screening of pirates of the caribbean: at world's end.
it was super fun... non-stop action. if you think the second one sucked, you're right. but this was better.
about halfway through it goes all psychotic and psychadelic and you join johnny depp as he trips out of his mind. so much awesome.

rogan party

tuesday i was walking home through soho minding my own business when richard famous called me.
"what are you doing?" he asked.
"i'm on my way home," i said.
"come to the rogan party," he said. "tsuyoshi is here."
"i dunno, i'm tired," i said.
he handed the phone to tsuyoshi.
"you have to come, there are so many hot guys here," tsuyoshi said. "get in a cab right now."
i got in a cab.
it was a hybrid!
i was already having fun.

rogan party

rogan party

rogan party

rogan party

rogan party

rogan party



rogan party: sidewalk ping pong


"i thought rogan made jeans. why are there only surfboards in this store?" i asked.
no one answered. we drank free booze. we hung out on the sidewalk in the mild may air. we played ping pong in front of the store. we ate stupendously delicious appetizers at south's. we wandered the streets of tribeca and hit the afterparty at smith & mills.

famous friends


nachito @ b bar

b bar

yesterday was richard famous' birthday. drinks on the patio @ b bar and then much-needed sleep.

it was also a celeb-studded day.
last night i saw fred armisen on the F train platform at west 4th street.

later i saw alan cumming on ludlow street, considering entering paladar and then reconsidering.

then latenight i saw rashida jones on houston and essex, looking every bit as beautiful as she does in pictures.

looking ahead:

- it's fleet week! there are sailors everywhere.
- my attorney is coming to town again!
- it's almost my birthday. i hate aging but i love celebrating.