g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

cuckoo couture

it's that time again. fashion fashion fashion!

hits from the paris couture shows:


garden party girls and geishas.

like costumes from a late 40s movie in which an american heiress moves to kyoto and goes insane.

go go galliano!


this show is best summed up by the pop rock poets of our generation, the red hot chili peppers.

the song?
catholic school girls rule!

In the class she's taking notes
Just how deep deep is my throat
Mother Mary don't you know
She's got eyes like Marylin Monroe

Catholic school girls rule!

From the cross she's raised her head
This is what the sister said
Give no love until you're wed
Live no life until you're dead

The good book says we must suppress
The good book says we must confess
But who cares what the good book says
Cause now she's taking off her dress

Catholic school girls rule!

Lead us into temptation
We are pure divine creation
Talkin about my generation
Injected with the seed of emaculation

watch the gaultier show here, and the dior show here.

for previous girlhattan fashion or runway coverage, click here or here.

{images via style.com}

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the art of keeping warm

i've been delayed in recapping past events. it happens.

marc newson

thursday was fffreeezing, brisk brick cold, but it didn't stop me from going to the opening of the marc newson show at the gagosian gallery. right after i took the picture above, a security guard informed me that taking pictures was not allowed. my bad.

i think often creativity is about making something out of nothing, seeing potential, visualizing something that isn't there. and so it goes, that a slab of marble becomes a honeycombed bookshelf, or a sensuously curved chair. beautiful objects - made from a single seamless piece - be it marble or nickel. check out marc newson, seriously!

of course it was crazy crowded and so we could only quickly glance at everything before hurrying around the corner into the half king, where we were warmed by pints of ale and extremely delicious and hearty mac & cheese. thanks, sebastian junger!

melissa & michaela



next we intended to go to the prophecy magazine party at the box, but as the cab pulled up we saw a line outside and had to tell the driver to keep driving. it was too cold to wait in a line!

so we went around the corner to the graphic havoc party at i heart. cheeseburger was playing, but all the beer was gone, so we went to see friends and evil dee at rewind. a little whiskey to warm up, a little hip-hop to defrost. then to 151 where the graphic havoc boys eventually showed up, the music was loud, the conversation was great and the bartenders were hot.

i heart

robin & workhorse

robin & workhorse

sadek & derek, graphic havoc

there's more, but that's about all i can manage for now....

Friday, January 26, 2007

it takes one to know one.

nine lives

All our secrets they are tailored trouble
Draped loose now around your hips
Your spotless instincts are valid
We coexist
Got 26 days to work with (got 26 days)
We got 26 days to work with
We'll see what all gets done

I'm an addict for dramatics
I confuse the two for love...

taking back sunday - liar

you do not need to log in. just click "download now."


you've got this new head filled up with smoke
I got my veins all tangled close
to the jukebox bars you frequent
the safest place to hide
a long night spent with your most obvious weakness
you start shaking at the thought
you are everything i want
cause you are everything i'm not

and we lay, we lay together
just not too close, too close
(how close is close enough?)
we lay, we lay together
just not too close, too close

i just wanna break you down so badly
well i trip over everything you say
i just wanna break you down so badly
in the worst way

taking back sunday - make damn sure

in the morning


junior boys - in the morning

Thursday, January 25, 2007

disco d

one of my fave CDs is a filthy booty bass disc called a night at the booty bar from disco D.

you know they say this is the most depressing time of the year, the post-holiday blues and seasonal affective disorder sets in. or maybe it's something else... in any case, sad news:

It has been revealed that music producer Disco D - real name David Shayman - committed suicide on Tuesday. Disco D was found dead inside his New York home. He was 27.

The hip-hop mixer, whose music was heard on ads for Sprite and Best Buy, had previously worked with rapper 50 Cent on his "The Massacre album" and on the track "Ski Mask Way." The two collaborated together after some of D's mixes landed in the hands of G-Unit's Sha Money XL, who eventually showed the CD to Fiddy.

Other artists he worked with included Trick Daddy and Nina Sky. He also produced K-Fed's flopped song, "Popozao" and listened to various artists.

On his mySpace website, he once wrote, "Before Disco D was even born, I was a fan of all types of different stuff, from The Beatles and Donna Summer to Charlie Parker and John Coltrane to N.W.A. and 2 Live Crew to Pantera, Primus and GWAR. I didn't have any sort of preconceptions about genres, I just was into what impacted me emotionally."

It has been reported that the 27-year-old suffered from depression and had been diagnosed as bi-polar.

Prior to his death, he was working on music for videogames and had a remix for Shiny Toy Guns in the works.

brush your bittersweet shoulders


brush your bittersweet shoulders.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

your new boyfriend

new feature: your new boyfriend

occasionally i'll post a picture of - or a link to - your new boyfriend. he might be cute, he might be clever, he might be fugly and a felon. you never know! he might even be a sexy silver inanimate object, or a handbag. in any case, he's yours to love... until a new new boyfriend is posted.

meet tenzin, your new boyfriend. he's a tibetan throat singer. let his weirdly haunting voice seduce you.

(if you don't like that new boyfriend, try one of these sexy silvery silver ones.)

am: hello! pm: goodbye!

steamer basket

tuesday am:

breakfast with hello kitty on the 53rd floor of the new york palace hotel. the suite was ridiculous - a triplex with kitchen, dining room, huge windows. hello kitty was there, and all of the editors were supposed to put their business cards in a little bag, because they'd be giving stuff away. someone won a hello kitty toaster, then someone won an electric guitar, and then it was time for the grand prize - a hello kitty bicycle. when they called my name i was in total shock. so yes, i am the proud winner of a pink hello kitty cruiser.

tuesday pm:

rapper and sharply-dressed gentleman common launched a line of hats at a store in nolita. we, the press, stood around in a teeny tiny storefront while common, jeremy piven, dreamy-steamy ryan reynolds, smokin' hot alicia keys and queen latifah stood on the shortest, narrowest red carpet in the world and smiled for photogs. (see pix here.) there was a party, i guess, i mean people were sipping moet splits at the store next door, but i walked home and got right into bed to get warm...

Monday, January 22, 2007

the fights and the gay bar,
an anthropological study

rob b hood

friday was an accidental study in cultural anthropology; as is often the case.

here's how it went down:

first i went to boxing.
down the stairs, under the church in the hall at st. paul.
DJs spinning old-school hip hop, Xboxes with boxing games (ali vs. ali!) and around me, guys guys guys.
boys, men. gentlemen. males. the air thick with testosterone, aggression and energy.
beer, pharoahe monch, more beer.
it was really fun.
and then afterward i went downtown to meet some people at mr. black.
down the stairs and under the restaurant.
where again, i was surrounded by guys guys guys.
the air was choked with testosterone, aggression and energy.
boys, men, gentlemen, males. a guy in a unitard offered up a round tray of shots, and we all took one, not knowing what it was.
it was really fun.

rituals, gathering of tribes, kinship, clothing as identity, etc.
there will be a quiz later.

Friday, January 19, 2007

kelis, cee-lo, large jacket = barles gnarkley

free art by banksy!

free art by banksy!

ricardo is still the best

seen on a downtown F train, 7:30pm, thursday, january 18:

ricardo - seen on F train

click here for larger version.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

last night a bassist saved my life

e bway

say what you will about today's music but it is absolutley impossible to be depressed at a fall out boy show. last night, though technically uninvited, i talked myself into their listening party at retox. once there, the pr contact - very unexpectedly - gave me a ticket to their show, which would start in an hour. so i went.

hammerstein ballroom was already packed with kids. then the lights went out and bon jovi's living on a prayer blasted. and then the band, including bassist and diminutitive heartthrob pete wentz hit the stage and the crowd came alive. arms raised in the air, kids jumping up and down while guitars thrummed and lights flashed. and they were crowdsurfing and touching and whirling, so much energy, so much contact, guys and girls jumping up, hurling themselves at themselves, with complete and utter faith that their peers would catch them, support them, pass them, hand to hand, toward the stage, hundreds of bodies moving as one ocean of life.

over to the side i could see label head LA reid nodding his head, and to my immediate left was rolling stone's joe levy.

it definitely made me happy.

and so, i recommend that you lay down your judgements and just watch the video for "this ain't a scene it's an arms race" by fall out boy. and have a happy wednesday.

yeah i know, apparently in our democratic, separation of church and state nation it's a crime to say "goddamn." whatev.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

welcome to the bungle

tuesday - pizza at lombardi's, drinks at shebeen, etc. later i ended up at some baile funk party @ apt, shimmying to booty bass with portuguese lyrics.

wednesday i had a lovely farewell dinner with the lovejones at matsuri, fantastic sushi, tempura eel and a some sort of lethal momo-tini peachy cocktail with what i thought were olives on a toothpick immersed inside - they turned out to be lychees, yum!




thursday i went to what i thought was going to be a small photography exhibit - turned out that it was held in grand central station and the pictures were of the race for governor, so spitzer and a gang of political types were there. let's just say i felt a teeny conspicuous. i texted a friend:
i love being the leopard print girl in a room full of navy suits.

political party

political party

political party


party people

post-photo show i crashed a party in the west village and dragged people to workhorse's to play with his wii. i have seen the future and it's so so fun!

on my way home i stopped for papaya juice. they're open 24 hours and it aids digestion, you know.

clinton papaya

clinton papaya

friday i stayed in and watched degrassi. i can't believe craig is on coke, such good TV!

saturday i had a million errands to run and then went uptown to see the fam - and then downtown again, then because of some mix up, drank alone @ the brass monkey while people around me were watching football, then met up with people at automatic slim's, then my friend km texted to say she was going to esquina with a friend who was maybe bringing axl rose.

i thought she was joking so i texted back:
welcome to the jungle baby, you're gonna die!

but of course when i got to esquina, axl rose was actually there. with sebastian bach. and at another table? moby. random. i had my own celebrity posse: workhorse and poogene. they're real rock stars!

later km and i hit 151 and st. jerome where we met a cute tattooed bartender named zack who forced us to do shots with him, sigh. like my girl jaimes says, the good times are killing me.

poogene & raina

green bean @ esquina