g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 is gonna be great.

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yeah so ever since i started blogging for a living i haven't been blogging for fun. but new year new you! and girlhattan will be back. i got a new camera for christmas, thanks chillbill! i like-a my leica. pix, words, adventures to come.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

lately in girlhattan

so lately in girlhattan i have been too busy blogging for a living to blog for fun. but still.

r2 & chick magnet
r2 met a dog named chick magnet.

gay men suck
gay men suck?

kelly wears my sunglasses
went upstate to party poolside...

tsuyoshi plants
plant stuff...



antique trunks
look at antiques...



lawn animals

kelly jumps
and stuff like that.

st. jerome's
back in the city, it was the same old stuff. neighborhood bars...

golden orb spider
a spider on attorney street...


r2 got a new polo shirt...

meta & the cornerstones
meta & the cornerstones!

stephen is a hustler...

workhorse & poogene
sunny summer friends...

acid sweeties: punky box
acid sweeties...

st. marks
she should read jezebel!

nnadi & billy
nnadi came back into town...

met this kind of crazy wino on bowery...

he wanted me to hug him but i declined...

lower east side
the lower east side has buddhas --

lower east side
right across the street from synagogues...

red bulls vs. galaxy
went to watch soccer...

red bulls vs. galaxy
later david beckham took his shirt off...

angus burger (third pounder)
tried this huge new burger at mcdonald's...

angus burger (third pounder)
it wasn't bad...

acid sweeties: sicky barrel!
the number one acid sweetie of all time.

more later; i swear.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

weekend in warwick

winestasting. antiques. no golf, no tennis. nightswimming. open house. a chihuahua and an iPhone for everyone.



r2 frolics

warwick - shopping

venetian mirror




warwick valley winery

r2 & edna





golf course, mountains

the caddy's socks

Sunday, July 22, 2007

while you were out

first week at the new job was busy busy busy.

thursday i celebrated iPhone love with tsuyoshi, stood outside of an arty party in soho.

nathan's sneakers

arty party

grand street

east boat

friday i stayed in and watched a gregg araki movie - splendor - god i love this film.

zed, veronica, abel - splendor

splendor: abel, veronica, zed

splendor: abel and zed kiss

the weather was perfect on saturday.


maria, veronica and kelly picked me up in a cab and we headed to brooklyn.

willamsburg bridge

giant beer, greenpoint tavern, williamsburg

party @ supreme trading in williamsburg!

veronica & kelly - supreme trading, williamsburg

supreme trading, williamsburg

tim - supreme trading, williamsburg

christy's shirt - supreme trading, williamsburg

christy's shirt - supreme trading, williamsburg

christy's tattoo - supreme trading, williamsburg

old ironsides - supreme trading, williamsburg

cheeseburger played.

cheeseburger - supreme trading, williamsburg

i have a snippet of video:

cheeseburger needs more beer.

also: r2 needs more french fries.

r2 @ burger king