g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, June 29, 2006


kelis is so freakin HOT. and i ♥ her song and video for bossy.

hourly rates

so last night i went to see the motel, a film made by a guy i went to Tisch with, mike kang.

it's the story of a 13 year old boy who works and lives at the seedy motel his family owns. very funny, super sweet and heartbreakingly beautiful, i highly recommend it! it's at the film forum for 2 weeks... PLEASE go see it!!!

at the screening - and at the after party - the cast mingled with the crowd. i was thrilled to meet one of the stars, sung kang. he was also in better luck tomorrow and the fast and the furious: tokyo drift. his performance in the motel is excellent.... and he's easy on the eyes, if you know what i mean.

ceci ne'st pas une mac

Dan's laser etched powerbook, originally uploaded by Steve Rhodes.

via drawn...

Monday, June 26, 2006

quick pix

A train

rivington street



poached eggs & bruschetta

strawberry shortcake

weekend = game night, rain rain rain, met, sleep.

more later.

Friday, June 23, 2006

summer in the city/up on the roof


workhorse & king tee

tibor clock

view from roof of 250 e houston

last weekend i went to a roof party at red square and was thisclose to the clock made by my hero tibor kalman.

earlier this week i was supposed to go to a roof party @ 60 thompson.

but when r2 and i arrived at the hotel, i was informed that the hotel was not "dog friendly."

so i called my brother, up on the roof, and he said the party was lame anyways and he'd come down.

i waited in the lobby with my eye on the elevators. an elevator went up, and then came down. the doors opened and sienna miller came out. thin thin thin thin, black fedora, leggings, on cell phone. when my brother came down he was super sad he missed her, she's his crush, thanks to (NSFW) alfie.

anyway. we cruised to the yard at the soho grand and then past the ferrari and bentley parked in front of cipriani, spent some time and $$$ in ben sherman, and then ate some dinner on the sidewalk at café colonial and had dessert at ciao bella

this weekend is the mermaid parade, the hip hop festival and eventually i will need to drop off laundry. crap.

if i had it, i would post the mp3 of "up on the roof" by the drifters. but i don't.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

re: makes

baby doll


remakes are tough. sometimes they can be great. a cover song, like johnny cash singing NIN's hurt, for instance.

but movies... remakes are tricky tricky tricky. the new "reimagined" batman was awesome.

charade is a great movie, the truth about charlie sucked.

ocean's eleven, the ring, cape fear... remakes for which i never saw the originals, so it's tough to say...

anyway. two remakes on the way: one is miami vice. maybe not *technically* a remake, since the original was on TV... but... i LOVED the series. that "little miss dangerous" episode where fiona played a hooker who would kill johns and then draw a weird picture and set a fire and go into a trance? awesome.

next: it's been reported that gwen stefani is going to star in a remake of baby doll, one of my favorites... a twisted southern gothic tale of a virginal, child-like bride and her older, aggro husband, this movie is perfect just the way it is, and carroll baker (pictured above) is amazing. please, gwen. i love you. you have the hair. but do you have the chops? don't ruin it, that is all i ask!

Friday, June 16, 2006

art fart / fashion tart

(via frankenstyles)

i love drawn.

it leads me to fun things like the artist known as frankenstyles and the cool fake jackson pollock app. (definitely click on the jackson pollock link, it is sooooo fun!!!!)

check the mad skills of frankenstyles:

my other 2 new favorite blogs:

the sartorialist


(thanks piñacolada!)

Monday, June 12, 2006

good news.

the most beautifullest thing in the world:
it wasn't my camera that was broken, it was just a damaged memory card.

so i'm back in business, photographically speaking.

just a few highlights:




clinton street late night

arc dressing room

car garden


19th street

union square west

elizabeth street

i heart party

as we all know, i am watching r2 while my sister is away.
shopping for dog food and dog treats is very interesting...
in duane reade the dog food is next to the pesticide.
in rite aid, the dog food is next to the baby food.

anywho, i totally dropped a few $$ at trixie and peanut... shh.

Thursday, June 08, 2006



is mercury in retrograde or something?

nothing is working properly.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

le sigh

it's gonna be kinda quiet/blank around here til i get my camera fixed.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

big girl, for sure you still fine...


tee party

tee pary

bullet brown

so for my birthday i had a tee party on the roof of the delancey.
everyone brought a t-shirt they weren't in love with anymore, and hung it up on the clothesline i provided. then you could feel free to take a shirt that appealed to you. a t-shirt swap! we also played connect four and drank. a lot.

afterwards we ended up at crudo on clinton street, which is always my regal beagle. and sunday it was tsuyoshi's birthday, so there was a champagne-fueled brunch at the boathouse in central park followed by a leisurely stroll through the park to bergdorf goodman and more bottles of champagne at BG. later that day i had another birthday party in battery park city. geminis never sleep.

last night i had an amazing/bizarre experience at the delancey, for KRACK ATTACK, the new CD (and vinyl!) from cx kidtronik. it was punk rap, with moshing and people rhyming while wearing masks and monster gloves. experimental, noisy, avant garde, lots of fun. my new fave song is from KRACK ATTACK. big girl, in a skinny girl outfit... big girl, on a table eating twelve steaks, skinny girl, steady throwing up on dinner plates...

i highly recommend you listen to cx kidtronik's "big girl skinny girl" RIGHT NOW.

Monday, June 05, 2006

love kills slowly

when i started taking swing dancing, i started looking around (online) for swing dancing dresses. retro, swishy, flattering dresses. and of course, serenditiptously, i found a lot of other cool stuff, too.

for instance: over at pin-up girl clothing they've got dresses, t-shirts and these:
ed hardy tattoo-inspired sneakers. (they've got some dreamy models, too, but that's another story)

but i definitely found dresses, some clearly made for dancing, and some - not - but still hot.

check out:
stop staring clothing
pin-up girl clothing

Saturday, June 03, 2006

on this day...

come fly with me

on this day, several years ago, the woman pictured above gave birth to me. thanks, mom.

she called me today to say happy birthday and then said, "you should stop telling people your age."

"why?" i asked. "i'm not ashamed of it."

"because it makes me seem old."