g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, March 31, 2006

seeing stars

david IMed me to tell me that sienna miller has copied my tattoo.

mine may not be the most original design, but it's very personal to me. i'm obsessed with the number three, and i could talk about the power of three for about three hours...

what goes around...

new kicks - no flash

i've been sick AGAIN. fever and fatigue. ridiculous. and not fun. especially since it's gorgeous weather in girlhattan and the phone keeps ringing because everyone wants to go out and play.

here's something to think about:

is it interesting to note that russell simmons is filing for divorce at the same time as his former Def Jam homie lyor cohen?

Monday, March 27, 2006

i wish i'd thought of this...


i wish i'd thought of this:

hot toddies is a site in which one can be directed towards hot downtown bartenders.

hot downtown bartenders are my favorite kind, and i definitely monitor the situation carefully.

i've nominated nnadi from kush and juan carlos from happy ending to be added to the site... i also want to nominate salah from kush, but without freaking out the people over at hot toddies by bombarding them with suggestions...

he's not dead
he's gonna live
i see his eyes rolling back in his head



jamaica no problem



guns and grenades


juan carlos

tranny chaser


operate - peaches

Friday, March 24, 2006

party and bullshit

been there done that

myspace can be weird, myspace can be very creepy, and myspace can be cool.

last night i went to a hip-hop party sponsored by fun time party team and that shit was bumpin'. without myspace i might not know about such things.

but man. i am hungover.

for crying out loud.

it was a hip-hop kind of evening, because before plan b i went to see my friend nnadi in a play about tupac. the actor playing tupac was speaking his lyrics as though they were spontaneous thoughts, and i never realized what a wordsmith he was.

unfortunately, i don't have any tupac tracks to upload. so i'll have to settle for biggie, who was also in the show... after each gets shot, tupac and biggie meet in limbo... it was that kind of play.

party and bullshit - notorious BIG

"i was a terror since the public school era"

Thursday, March 23, 2006


i ordered a shirt online.

a "midnight tunic top."

i got it last week.

i like it, it looks good on me, so i decided to keep it.

i am wearing it for the first time today.

and, about five minutes ago, i realized that this top is BLUE and not BLACK.
i swear it looked black in the catalog, and black in my "romantically lit" (read: dim) apartment.

but here at work under the fluorescent lights, the truth is revealed.

the shirt is freakin blue.

i'm still going to keep it.
but i don't think i can wear it with a black cardigan anymore. can i?

your moment of zen

gold chain buddha on my desk

the undertaker - puscifer

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


frank gehry, the "starchitect" responsible for the guggenheim bilbao and the disney concert hall, has designed jewelry for tiffany & co.

as a person who loves & lives in chunky silver jewelry, i think it's cool.

via style.com

life after death

needled points me toward information about tattooed mummies.

here's a dramatic track to listen to while you think about what your body will look like a in a few centuries...

lux aeterna (thanks, thighmaster)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

breaking news!

lyor cohen getting divorced? you don't say!

the sexy israeli is my music industry crush. he loves hip-hop, collects art by yoshitomo nara and rides his bike in the park with jay-z.

the new york post says:

Warner Music Group boss Lyor Cohen and Amy, his wife of 14 years, are the perfect divorcing couple. As the parents of two kids, they refuse to fight, say only nice things about each other and are settling their money issues without aggressive lawyers and ugly court fights - which is all pretty boring for us gossip columnists. "We absolutely love each other. We are partners in raising our children. This is super, super sad," said Lyor, who will stay in the family's townhouse off Fifth Avenue in the 90s while Amy moves out. Though Cohen made a $100 million windfall in the sale of Def Jam Records before he moved on to Warner, don't expect a battle over money. "We love each other," Amy echoed. "I would never do anything in the world to hurt Lyor," adding, "I'm not a money-grubber, and Lyor's not a stingy man."

let's span time.

i'll be honest. i liked buffalo 66.

"we're a couple. spanning time." funny. and i liked the dream sequence where he's frozen with the blood exploding from his head. cool effect.

i don't feel the need to discuss his ebay stunt here. or the fact that, for the right price, you can buy his sperm.

people love him, people hate him.


a vincent gallo tattoo?

via inked.

trapped in a box


did anyone else catch the stella mccartney/adidas PR stunt on the corner of broadway and houston on saturday?

adidas PR stunt

adidas - stella mccartney

because if you buy stella mccartney workout clothes you can aspire someday to become trapped in a yogaterrarium.

adidas - stella mccartney

let's see you meditate your way out of those boxes, ladies!

so my weekend was like this: dancing, shopping, drinking, brunch.


party people

party people


adidas for everyone!

party people

mirror in the loo

been there done that

kafkaesque cockroach

tma & hrh

same old same old, but in a good way.

song of the day - you guessed it - no doubt: trapped in a box

speaking of no doubt, gwen stefani is one stylish pregnant chick. do you think gwen and gavin will name the baby something with a G? i suggest genevieve, gustavo, geneva, giselle, gray or gabriel/gabrielle.

Monday, March 20, 2006

the boy's bad news

Image hosting by TinyPic

pics from the weekend TK i swear.

{i was out late on friday, walking around all day on saturday and out late on saturday night and up for early brunch on sunday and i am still tired.}

meanwhile, entertain yourself with this video from eagles of death metal. the track is called i want you so hard.

i met josh homme from EODM/queens of the stone age when i was at coachella a couple of years ago. you may already know he's a redhead (♥), but did you know he's about six foot six? i was in some sort of weird slack-jawed, eyes-agog i-have-such-a-crush-on-you state and couldn't breathe or speak around him. suave!

(i hope you know that any time i post a song or video, you can download it to your own computer by control-clicking or right clicking.)

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Friday, March 17, 2006


cockroach tattoos

morrissey's myspace

the karl lagerfeld collection @ neiman marcus


i haven't been a good blogger this week, because i've been distracted and preoccupied with my houseguest, a dapper and well-traveled little gentleman named R2.

he's staying with me while my sister parties in puerto rico.

R2 comes to work with me.

r2 at work

he helped me edit a story about paris hilton.

r2 at work

we brainstormed some headlines for a yellow accessories spread...

r2 at work

"let the fun shine in? that's brazilliant!"

then we went home and i asked R2 what he thought of the new shoes that i bought.

r2 helps choose footwear

he approved.

r2 approves of new shoes

then he fell asleep.

r2 sleeps

here are two of R2's fave tracks:

ska cover of snoop dogg's "gin and juice"

la, la, la, he, he, hee - prince

i am a dog outside your door
i have been there since a quarter to four
you are a cat licking intense
i bite your leg in self-defense

Monday, March 13, 2006

look out.

between riding in the sunshine and tearing up the dancefloor,
this was the weekend to go all out.



puu puu platter



stylin' and profilin'


cassie & workhorse

poogene & jax



richard's socks


spring has motherfucking sprung.