g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, December 27, 2004

think warm thoughts

brrrr! it's a deep freeze in new york, but i finally rescued my digital camera from the hospital and i have these pictures from my november trip to jupiter beach, florida... maybe they will help with defrosting.

mini golf

mini golf, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

beachy keen

beachy keen, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

hotel motel holiday inn

hotel motel holiday inn, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

lonely tree

jupiter beach, florida, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

zach braff's filthy mouth

see mischa barton, kelly osbourne, peter gallagher and other celebrities swear like sailors.

justin's letter of truth

okay okay okay so it's "faker than lindsay lohan's titties" but it is SO MUCH AWESOME. written by a brilliant friend (given the fabtastic psuedonym Graydon Fuller-Wenner), it's a MUST READ!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

kaleidoscope of husky love

also known as the goldfrapp video. turn up the sound!

growing pains

kirk cameron would like you to overcome your fear and find jesus.

Monday, December 20, 2004

the delancey is on fire

the delancey is on fire

le F train

le F train

a gift for the gay smoker in your life

click here.

why do the latin boys always want blondes???

from the daily news:


December 19, 2004 -- Notorious bad boy actor Benicio Del Toro is finally settling down. He's in love with blond actress Sara Foster, friends of the couple are saying.

Del Toro is said to be completely smitten with his leggy blond girlfriend. "He's head over heels in love with her. They will probably get married," a friend of the couple predicted.

The grizzled actor is a notorious night-owl and has a reputation as a flirt.

His new girlfriend is the 23 year old daughter of Hollywood royalty, composer David Foster, and is a model-turned actress who starred in "The Big Bounce," alongside Owen Wilson. Foster is no stranger to hooking up with famous actors: she was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio on his breaks from supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen.

Looks like the beauty and the beast might be good for each other. "She's sweet and definitely a party-girl. But she's calmed down a lot recently," said a friend.

that sound you hear is my heart quietly breaking. no big deal.

Friday, December 17, 2004

say it with power

another quality product from the folks at hipster cards.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the rain falls down on a humdrum town... this town will drag you down

sometimes all you can do is sit around listening to the smiths.

work is not going so well, it’s freaking cold, my digital camera is still broken, etc. etc. etc.

sad times.

the illustrious ratner’s/lansky lounge is closing.

the freakatorium is closing.

I’ve been living on the lower east side for like, 6 or 7 years now... and in new york for about 25 years.
and maybe everyone says this, but that doesn’t make it less true: it’s a different city than it used to be.
and it’s really depressing to think that I can barely afford to live in the city I grew up in. where else does that happen?

anyway. I am trying not to get mired in the malaise exacerbated by the lyrics of this song:
everybody’s got to live their life
and god knows I’ve got to live mine...

why is it that when I’m sad I want to hear sad songs?

well. time to find things to cheer me up.

like the grey sweatsuit revolution.

and funny t-shirts.

and avril just not giving a damn.

and this very very very very filthy song by Ave. D. {via suckapants}

oh! and fat laces.

the number one way to cheer myself up? to dwell, just for a moment, on the marvel that is a man named benicio.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

dear santa,

whew! I’m exhausted from all the good stuff I’ve done this year. like when I was on the F train and those tourists with ugly sneakers wanted to know where the “good part” of SoHo was, I totally didn’t send them to the Huntspoint section of the Bronx. so anyway, I found more stuff you and Rudolph Giuli-Newmar the red nose reindeer can bring me at the end of the month:

a t-shirt as jaded as I am.

forget kabbala candles, pricey zen sand gardens and designer yoga mats. I want a bag that represents what really happens when an earthy movement gets misappropriated for ca$h.

a t-shirt made just for me!

thanks a mil,

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

georgia on my mind

more pictures from my sister in GA...



running dogs

running dogs

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

get back!

if you haven’t already seen the new spike jonze-directed ludacris video – in which he sports giant hands, gets really mad at a pair of boots, and is followed by a posse of large, well-dressed women, you are missing out.

get back! get back! you don’t know me like that!

because of some sort of anti-mac conspiracy, I can only watch the video here, but other people can probably also watch it here or here.

i interviewed cris last week. he was really cool on the phone. his voice is so smooth and deep. i know he used to be a radio DJ, and you could totally picture him saying, “good evening night owls, it’s 2:37 in the AM on your FM dial, and this is the quiet storm....”

dear santa,

in these troubled times, it would do us all good to put the needs and well-being of others before our own desires. helping our fellow humans should be on the top of our “to-do” lists. unfortunately, as a red blue-blooded american who hit her self-centered teenage stride in the money-grubbing 80s, I can really only sincerely think of myself at this time of year. so here’s what I want for christmas:

the cutest iPod holder ever. (seen @ catchdubs)

the snottiest t-shirt ever. (seen @ tale of two cities)

the ryan mcginness skateboard deck, aka the holy grail. looks soooo much better in the flesh wood. hee, i said wood!

any of the box sets from trojan, or just a desmond dekker double CD.

some of those hott missy elliott sneakers.

a girlhattan tag necklace.

champagne, fashion and cocaine? yes please!

"oh, my beloved ice cream bar... how i love to leek your creamy center..." know where that's from? no? you eeeeediot! (by the way, you can hear awesome ren wav files here.)

I also want to meet this guy. so I’ll need a round trip ticket to new zealand.

here’s what I don’t want: a lap pillow. eww.


Monday, November 22, 2004

post-west palm beach tech woes

file under "down but not out":
i wanted to post some fab pix from my 5 days in juno beach, FL but my digital camera malfunctioned.
it had some kind of apoplectic seizure, is stuck with the lens extended and my images are trapped inside.
but here's what i did while on the red peninsula for dirk's wedding:

*drank coronitas on the beach
*bumped the iPod out of a monster speaker
*went to an amusement center and played miniature golf, air hockey, video games, bumper boats and raced go-karts
*ate lobster and corn on the cob at a clambake
*sat on the beach in the dark of night and watched the stars move ever so slowly
*danced with somebody's dad
*was interviewed for a documentary about the election
*ate steak
*ate fried clams
*cried at the wedding when the groom's brother sang a PJ harvey song
*watched a lizard change colors as he walked from grass to concrete

images TK, hopefully.

Monday, November 15, 2004


pay your respects here.

I dedicate this to all the pretty girls...
All the pretty girls...
All the pretty girls, in the world!
And the ugly girls too...
'Cuz to me you're pretty anyways baby...

Yo! so I glanced at the girls, girls glanced at me
I whispered in their ear, wana be with me?
You wana look pretty though, in my video
Ol' dirty on the hat and I let you all know
Just dance! if you caught up in the holy ghost trance
If you stop! ima put the killer ants in your pants
I'm the O-D-B as you can see
Every eye, don't you be watching me
I don't want no problems cause I put you down
In the ground where you can not be found
I'm just dirt dog trying to make sum bunny
So give me my streaks and give me my honey
Radio, yes all day, everyday
Recognize I'm a fool and ya luuuuuuuuuuv me!
None of you nmph better look at me funny
Nmph you know my name now give me my money!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

post traumatic blah blah blah

so today there are lots of post-election moody things coming my way. stuff like this and this. oh, and this, via tale of two cities.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


well, looks like w2: electric boogaloo is a go. woe is me.

if you want to know how I plan to drown my sorrows, click here and here and here.

to take your mind off of the agony of defeat, check out these lovely pictures my sister sent me from the red state of GA.
featuring: Artoo the Wonderchi, Yellow the Jet-Set Mutt and Mao the psychic cat.

let sleeping dogs lie

let sleeping dogs lie

amber waves of grain

amber waves of grain

hay there

hay there

smurf house

smurf house

hello kitty

hello kitty

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

* * * b r e a k i n g * * *

hotties at the polls!

i am happy to report that my voting experience was completely easy and free of drama. props to the people at ps 140 on ridge street, where signs were in chinese, spanish and english. everyone was super-friendly and i was in and out in about 20 minutes -- from 6:25pm to 6:45pm. and there was a special bonus: voting hotties! there were a couple of really cute boys waiting to do their civic duty.

for the love of zeus, i hope things turn out OK... otherwise i will have to meet my sister in DC where we will surely get arrested.

happy hallowfreeek

i left a trail of red glitter from 13th street down to broome street over to the tribeca grand, up to the maritime hotel and over to passerby and florent before calling it a night. inhibitions and several possesions were lost, but no one got hurt.

andre 3000, dorothy and karl lagerfeld

andre 3000, dorothy and karl lagerfeld

there's no place like new york!

there's no place like new york!

mr. lagerfeld

mr. lagerfeld

walking wounded (car wreck)

walking wounded (car wreck)

lego man

lego man

cop of the future and deer in headlights

cop of the future and deer in headlights

limo madness

limo madness

Monday, November 01, 2004

* * * v o t e ! ! ! * * *

everyone who can had better vote tomorrow!

remember to bring a photo ID and proof of address.

MTV has a printable checklist, which is supersmart. also, indyvoter.org has a list of the left-leaning peeps in NYC. i heart tom duane. i shook his hand once when i lived in chelsea and he was walking down my block.

if you want to see all the candidates, you can click here or here. you can plug in your zip code and see who's running in your district here.

these are the people i'll be choosing from.

if you have any questions you can probably find answers here.

i hope that when we wake up on wednesday we will know one way or the other, but i have this weird feeling the whole thing might drag on for a few days. arrrggg!!

the other race i am following very closely is this one.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

grow up!

if i were more mature i would be able to stop clicking links like this. but i am not. so i like this and this and this.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

bicycle diaries

back during the convention, on the night of the critical mass bike ride, i ran into this guy who used to live in my building. he's an illustrator named marcellus. we were biking beside each other for a few blocks on fifth avenue. i was saying how it was my first time doing critical mass, but i was digging it so far. we separated after a while, and it wasn't too long after that that the cops showed up and things got ugly.

a week later i ran into him on essex street, and i was all, "did you manage to dodge the police?" i was teasing, but he said, "actually, no. i got arrested." the cops were still holding his bike. i was so shocked i didn't even know what to say. later my friend rachael told me he was illustrating his story, and sent me some of the drawings. now they're up on nerve and you can see them here.

word up: the large and the small

i have a deep, undying love for the dictionary. at home i have merriam-webster and merriam-webster's collegiate. at work i generally use merriam-webster online, which is brilliant for several reasons. for starters: the new words they've added to the collegiate editon include teensploitation and pleather. what could be better?

wait. don't answer that. because i'll tell you what's better: having the m-w robot pronounce these words for you. if you're feeling snarky and superior, get it to say the word callipygian. feeling juvenile? click here.

the one word everyone should get to know, and not just because gawker uses it all the time, is schadenfreude. it's basically the god we all pray to these days. isn't that right, ashlee simpson?

in other news, hearts broke in my world today when it was reported that the incredibly talented peter dinklage got engaged. and neither to me, nor my sister. *sigh* i won't even get to see him in richard III, because it is freakin' sold out.

Monday, October 25, 2004

spread the word!

"the world's largest 40 oz collection" can be found here.

really cute vote-related ecards (like the diet soda can below) can be found here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

fashion fashion

as previously reported, the iPod party boys, Andrew Andrew have a fashion hotline to call before you get dressed in the morning. the number has changed.

Andrew Andrew fashion hotline: 877.769.0405

don't know what to wear? call now!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

do you like eggs?

this person does. check it out. (thanks dave!)

Monday, October 18, 2004

gloomy bear

on a recent trip to kid robot i adopted a gloomy bear. he is in the form of a keychain, adorable and pink, with blood dripping from his mouth and claws.

the story behind gloomy bear is simple: he was a cute abandoned cub. a boy found him, took him home and raised him. the cub grew up into a bear and gruesomely attacked the boy. end of story.

for some reason, i just love how the bear is all girly pink but with bloody lil' paws. it's like a gangsta hello kitty. kawaii!!! as the japanese girls would say.


Sunday, October 17, 2004


still recovering from seeing usher @ MSG (with special guests kanye west, p. diddy, lil' jon and ludacris), friday i stayed in and watched the hunted on DVD. i am still very much into taking pictures of the TV (for past shots, click here, here or here.) benicio del toro: hottest man alive? i think so. saturday night was about dancing til 4am and sunday i had brunch, spotted a cool sign on rivington street, and then went back to bed.

dirty, sexy.

dirty, sexy.

under scrutiny

under scrutiny

in the interrogation room

in the interrogation room

in the back of the paddy wagon

in the back of the paddy wagon

the last word

the last word

drunks on the dancefloor

drunks on the dancefloor

FDR drive late night

FDR drive late night

seen on rivington street

seen on rivington street

Friday, October 15, 2004

rumors on the internets

thighs wide shut calls this the bestest site ever, and i have to agree. tell a friend!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

the beast of east texas

my sister sent me a story about a "beast" that was killed in texas.

the locals were freaked out:

"What is that?" are the first words out of anyone's mouth when shown photos of the animal, according to Stacy Womack. "It's not a dog," she said. "I'd bet my lottery ticket on that."

is it some sort of coyote/stray dog mix? is it a poor, old, lost mexican hairless? or is it the famous chupacabra?

what is it?

what is it?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

oh, snap! shots.

i have some random pictures from the last couple of days and i thought i would post them.

*scary cat from grocery store halloween display
*diana ross on TV
*marble cemetery on nyc open house weekend
*"trim it" stencil seen on west 22nd street
*sailors in front of mars bar
*skyline from the GWB
*sweatshirt from ssurplus



mahogany: "i'm a success!"

mahogany: "i'm a success!"

marble cemetery

marble cemetery

public pubic suggestions

public pubic suggestions



my city, so pretty

my city, so pretty

black jesus

black jesus

Monday, October 11, 2004

breaking britney news!

it's official: she's a mess. stereogum has the proof. and it's not pretty.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


oh man. remember the fabulous event i went to at the airport? looks like the party at terminal 5 was a little too much fun: the exhibit was shut down. here's what our friend the new york times says:

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has shut down an art exhibition in Terminal 5 of Kennedy Airport after a raucous opening-night party on Friday that left broken glass on the floor, graffiti on the walls and further destruction in its wake, the agency said yesterday.

Pasquale DiFulco, a spokesman for the Port Authority, which operates the airport, said the curator of the show, Rachel K. Ward, had "failed to control the unlawful behavior of her guests" at the event. "We pulled the permit because the curator violated her agreement," he said.

Besides smoking in the building and defacing the walls with graffiti, some guests broke a door leading to a runway, Mr. DiFulco said. Liquor was being sold at the party without a permit, he added, and Ms. Ward failed to maintain the space to "an acceptable level of cleanliness." Vomit and broken glass were on the terminal's floor, he said.

Ms. Ward, who acknowledged that the crowd had exceeded her expectations - hundreds of people showed up - said she ended the party around 11 p.m., an hour earlier than planned.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

chronicles of life and death

last night i went to the good charlotte AOL broadband show. got to see my homie josh and his double C chanel logo tattooed self. i have to say, i really like the new album, especially the cure-esque song "world is black." celeb sighting: brett scallions from fuel. i don't know much about the band, but brett is hott.

as for my toe injury, ever since the doctor removed my toenail, it's been looking really scary. if you don't like gore, then for the love of god do not click here.

egads! totally disgusting, right? feast your eyes on the adorable GC boys and try to think happy thoughts.

good charlotte

good charlotte, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

attention passengers

friday night there was an art opening at the gorgeous, Eero Saarinen - designed former TWA building terminal 5. it was one of the most fantastic parties i've ever been to, in a space that, after 40 years, still has the ability to stun and amaze. i just wish there'd been some tulip chairs there as well. partying in an airport is highly recommended. hanging out at baggage claim, watching the moon rise over the tarmac... must do it again.

terminal 5 party @ jfk

terminal 5 party @ jfk, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

mac d

mac d, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

terminal 5

terminal 5, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.


departures, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

cool clock

clock, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.

the shining

the shining, originally uploaded by Girlhattan.