g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


cusco kid


mother and child

san blas & choquechaca

urubamba river

machu picchu

peru rail

giant corn

inka cola


holy machu picchu...

i'm back!

i spent christmas in cusco.
there are some pix above and lots more here if you have time to watch the lil slideshow.

plus two short films:

- the countryside on the way to ollantaytambo

- the train to aguas calientes

more later...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

outie 5k

heading home

back in a few.

Monday, December 19, 2005

yeah yeah yeah


thursday night i went to a screening of match point, which i found to be pretty good. tense. not *great* but very well done. i definitely had no idea what was going to happen or how it was going to end. the woman sitting next to me in the theater audibly gasped a couple of times.

i am still in love with jrm.

saturday night i was at a lovely holiday party, chatting and sipping champagne,
so i missed saturday night live.

but somehow i found this clip of the funny funny narnia rap.

it's all about the hamiltons, baby.

last night i had a divine 3 hour dinner at stanton social.

the concept is that you "share" plates, which means they can charge more and give you less. still, the food was inventive and really really good.

the winners:
- french onion soup dumplings
- warm spinach salad with roasted corn, smoked goat cheese and chile cashews
- red snapper tacos with fiery mango & avocado salsa
+ cocktail: pink grapefruit-mint martini
+ desert:
warm doughnuts, delish!!!

- wood-grilled pizetta with figs, smoked bacon, blue cheese and truffle honey
- grilled citrus & ginger wild striped bass satays with spicy orange peanut sauce
- kobe beef slider (microscopic and $6 each)

shoulda skipped:
butternut squash & sweet potato autumn ravioli with vanilla brown butter and candied pecans

random web thingy:

i'm going down
2 alphabet street
i'm gonna crown the first girl that i meet
i'm gonna talk so sexy
she'll want me from my head
to my feet
-- prince

how did we get our modern alphabet? click here and see.

Friday, December 16, 2005

oh, snap. part 2.

my brother sent me this delicious piece of ridiculousness.

oh, snap.

i mean, damn.


DSC_6299, originally uploaded by slowernet.

slower.net has the best photographs.
something new and beautiful, everyday.

(click the left side of each photo to see previous pix.)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

amazing grace

grace jones and dolph lundgren, 1985

via style.com - they have an amazing grace slide show up right now... click here.

and if you want to get lost in may day's weird webby fantasyland, enter the world of grace jones.

did you know she is engaged to a thirtysomething british viscount? (she's 57)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Thank Zeus For Cashmere.

it's below freezing in girlhattan.

i usually go outside with my hair slightly wet from the shower, but not when it's this cold.

so last night i went to red market, a salon in the meat packing district that stays open until 11pm. so fucking smart.

my stylist, david, was from paris et nous avons parlé français - i learned that "les mèches" are highlights.

but what's really saving my life is cashmere.

cashmere sweater and cashmere socks. i wish i had cashmere everything. if i had oodles of $$$ i would get skull sweaters from lucien pellat-finet, je pense qu'il est français aussi.

maybe i should rent or adopt a lil cashmere kid, he could live in the "courtyard" of my building and eat chinese food and i could learn to knit.

they are super cute.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

...my life is brilliant.

times square

one of the better weekends of my life.

thankfully there's no photographic evidence.

hot gay cowboy love, house parties east and west, dragging myself out of apt @ 4am to have waffles on 8th ave and get home around 5am.

saturday night's quotable quote:

champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.*

much love to all the good people i was fortunate enough to spend time with while out and about.

thanks, everyone. you're beautiful.

track of the day:
james blunt - beautiful

*francis bacon via ed norton and apparently, recently, fall out boy.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

they walk among us.

listen, don't ever tell me the dark crystal is just a movie.

newsflash, people:
gelfings live among us.

donald trump is married to one.

and now ashlee simpson is dating one.

don't be afraid! they are friendly and gentle.

just look at those eyes:

don't get me started on the awful skeksis...

whoops. here it is:

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

bom bom bom

essex street

this year, the following has happened to me over and over:

i groove to a song, and think, "that's a good song."

then listen to it again, and realize it's a political comment about the war.

it happened, of course, with green day, U2 and MIA.

and now: living things - bom bom bom. {click to listen}

i really like this song.

i know the lead singer looks like the love child david johanssen and mick jagger, but that seems appropriate. {if you click "media" and "moving pictures" you can watch the wacky technicolor video.}

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl

only 25¢

now that i am a hideous monster who can make small children on the F train cry just by looking at them, life is different.

thank zeus it's winter and i can flip up the hood on my parka, as i did while strolling in the snow last night.

yes. my eye is still red and bloody, and i think it looks worse than in the pictures.

here's a depressing song to go with my crappy mood.

echo and the bunnymen - all my life

Monday, December 05, 2005

eye hate looking at myself in the mirror.

even though i don't really need one, i decided to look into eyepatches.

- crystal studded

- funky patterned

- swarosvki heart-adorned

- knit

Sunday, December 04, 2005



saturday afternoon after running errands, going to the gym and so on and so forth, i looked in the mirror and there was a small spot of blood on my eye.

i immediately decided i was dying, and started to cry, which probably made the spot worse. so i got in bed and watched murderball on DVD, which was good, but made me feel lazy for lying in bed when i have two legs that work. so i went out.

i met workhorse at ace bar and we hopped on the back of his vespa and visited my brother, who was DJing in park slope. he was spinning on the 4th floor, but there was also a party on the 2nd floor, so we checked that out as well. on the 2nd floor i saw something i swear i have never seen in a new york apartment before: a poster of a nazi soldier on the wall. there were also little fighter planes hanging from the ceiling, but the nazi poster freaked me out the most. now, to be honest, the poster did say "the enemy" under the soldier's face. but still. who hangs a poster of a nazi soldier in their home?

upstairs, the beats were hot and i thawed out - it was cold on the back of the scooter, especially going across the manhattan bridge...

but it was a quid pro quo situation, so we had to hit workhorse's friend's party in red hook. but first we stopped at schnäck where i had delicious hot chocolate in an "it's a boy" mug.

at the red hook party the apartment was decorated with dutch vintage science posters, which is my new favorite decorative theme.

the party was fun, but i can neither confirm nor deny whether the host tried to make out with me when i was on my way out and his live-in girlfriend was in the other room.

when i woke up on sunday the blood spot on my eye was worse.



while watching TV i saw a wendy's commercial that brainwashed me with this techno song called "satisfaction."

i found the video online.

if you didn't like foxy chicks and power tools before, you will now.
friday the thighmaster posted something for the ladies.

this is for the fellas.
benny benassi - satisfaction.

Friday, December 02, 2005

shhh. my head hurts.

gin and tonic

omg. so hungover.

party @ the unbelievably gorgeous sky studios.
two words: open bar.

popped in next door to visit friend shane.

trekked over to lit for another round.

skipped down to number one chinese for another round and found a crazy booty bass atlanta stripper music party. funtime party team are my new heroes.

two more rounds.

walked home in the windy windy night.
saw the pole on my block, said hello.

didn't get enough sleep.

since i am functioning at about 7% of normal capacity,
and you know what kind of couples i like, i offer you something super silly:

interracial couple of the day

have a good weekend.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

where you can find me

dodgeball + googlemaps = girlhattan's drinking patterns

i'm red; my friends are blue.

lost and found

okay, so we know i love teevee.

last night after i went to a screening of the chronicles of narnia, i went home to watch antm and lost.

within seconds, i was like, best. episode. ever.

that's because jin came out of his tent without a shirt.



jin and sun


it wasn't really the best episode ever, though.

but jack and kate kissed.

jack and kate

and sometime after that, adebisi mr. eko lurked in the darkness and said vaguely religious things.
i love him!


lost fans are obsessive. so many theories, plus wacky stuff like this!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

name that film.

Jeweler: Sister? I wasn't aware Mr. Trott had a sister.

Nikki: Been away a few years.

Jeweler: Boarding school?

Nikki: Board school, right.

Jeweler: Switzerland?

Nikki: Excuse me?

Jeweler: I said, was the school Swiss?

Nikki: Sure. Sure, one of the Swissest.

unsolicited online dating advice




if you really want nice, normal women to write to you,
or to respond to your emails, then:

DO NOT write "Woman or Lesbian Couple" under
"Who I'd Like To Meet"

DO NOT attach a photo taken of you:
- standing on your head
- naked in bed, taken from above, while making an "oh" face
- with an ex, with an actual X drawn on her face
- bleary-eyed and drunk

DO NOT write in "recreational gynecologist" as an occupation

Monday, November 28, 2005

do(e) a deer.

randy deer

quick recap:

- ate turkey

- watched high tension on DVD. alone. at night. thought, it's french, it'll be a little scary, but mostly stylish. it was so freakin tense, so gory. wondered aloud, "why am i doing this to myself?"

- saw a maybach parked in front of la esquina and joked to my friends, "a maybach! who do they think they are, jay-z?" then looked inside and saw beyoncé sitting in the backseat

- partied like the world was ending at the tribeca grand. the cribs played at midnight, and the cobrasnake was snapping the crowd

- sunday hangover recovery was spent - where else? - at the big apple circus. note: cotton candy/pretzel combo alleviated headache quite well

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


keisha castle-hughes, star of whale rider, during new zealand fashion week.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

loose ends


above, the '72 beemer belonging to DJ O.

below, the song referenced in the previous post title.

{ladies and gentlemen, romeo void.}

i might like you better if we slept together.

i'm late in writing about my weekend, which was pretty enjoyable.

dinner at miracle grill on first ave, which is apparently closing in december.

farewell, savory hanger steak. goodbye, well-seasoned porkchop. i hardly knew ye.

oh, right, there will still be the west village location, as well as the one in park slope.

moving right along.

after dinner, drinks were at morrissey park, which had a foul odor.
but the DJ played the cure, and the vino i ordered wasn't bad at all.

after that, i picked workhorse up at mo pitkin's, and headed down to fat baby to meet ms. chen and friends, and the glass of wine i had at fat baby was absolutely vile. just putrid. also? the crowd sucked. i left the full glass of wine behind, as we ventured on to mercury lounge, and then ended up going home relatively early, like 2:30ish.

saturday i spent some time in the post office trying to figure out how to mail something to hong kong. afterward, i ran into DJ O on delancey street, and he took me for a ride on his shiny shiny 72 BMW, and then we ate chicken and rice at castillo de jagua.

saturday night i stayed in and had my own private film festival: one i've never seen, serenity, and two i have seen but still love: hedwig and the angry inch and velvet goldmine.

everytime i see velvet goldmine, it gets better and better. the songs! the clothes! jrm's LIPS!

speaking of jrm, who is several different kinds of gorgeous, there are some really nice pics of him over at justjared.

sunday i went to screening of rent, which was okay, i guess.

some of the songs are really quite stupid. grating, with bad lyrics.

but that's not the movie's fault.

and rosario dawson is a gem, i just love her.
the new york times summed the movie up this way:
"junkies sing about their feelings".

'nuff said.

velvet goldmine screencaps from velvet demon.

Monday, November 21, 2005


do you know any straight single guys who like food and would like to meet "hot" single girls who like food?

send 'em over to the amateur gourmet.

everyone is welcome, they just seem to have a shortage of straight guys.
what else is new?

a little hint.

i love when i get emails from hint mag.

i got turned on to the very cool andrew burmeister prints....

and i also found this site called nine daughters and a stereo, where you should go if you like pale, skinny german models.

free booze.

my friend seva is throwing a huge party tomorrow for his site, myopenbar.com. if you like free booze, you should probably go.