g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oh yeah…

…i got a dog.


it really is october -- at least for a few more days.
lately time seems to have sped up; days seem too short and weeks fly by.

it's a good thing; better than the mind-numbing monotony of a day that's too long.

on the other hand: stuff gets pushed back to next week, next month, next year.

overall: happy!
but i want to try and write for myself more, so i am gonna try.

consider this part of the effort.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


found on the street:


a retro table that somehow matches the apartment perfectly?!


the boyfriend and i spotted it when we were leaving 500 days of summer on friday night.
he happened (?) to be parked nearby… drove around the block, and we popped it into the station wagon. magic.


vintage-y, and zebra-y, and cute. we're going to have to figure out some kind of chairs now, chrome or whatnot, yes?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


well. the colors are off. damn iphone. but i heart my skruvstas.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

home is where the art is

just purchased an amazing piece by 2 cents, who was kind enough to hand-deliver. it's being framed right now. this is the kind of stuff that makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

work work work!

i bought a desk. this is huge news, for someone who works at home. in my old, cramped apartment, i worked like this:

i know that doesn't look so bad, but look at this trainwreckery:


so i purchased my dream desk, a vintage, stripped stainless steel desk. and now my work environment looks like this:

new desk

new desk

this is what is known as an "upgrade."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bringing the outside in

i would love to frame some of my photographs


wouldn't it be cool to bring some of the outside in?

some people would choose grassy landscapes or mountains

i think i'd want pix of my neighborhood:


love me


yes? no?

Friday, May 15, 2009

look what was on 30 rock last night

a bar cart, in jack donaghy's office.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i'll take mine with a splash of lime

at the end of the day, the civilized thing to do is have a drink. back in the day, they had bars inside their homes. but what if you want to sit on the couch and drag your drink over? it had better be on wheels.

i have been looking at bar carts. i can't afford a fancy bar cart, so i may end up using a TV tray table, but a girl can dream, can't she?

here we go…

vintage. french. 1930s. from deco dame.

vintage. lucite. mid-century. very palm beach. via 1st dibs.

new. steamer-trunk inspired. elaborate. heavy, rich. from crate & barrel.

new. whimsical. summery. perfect by my nonexistent pool. from the conran shop.

italian, 1950s, "lacquered goat skin." wait, what? via fat chance modern.

vintage. 1930s thomas edison ediphone, converted for use as a beer cabinet. via fyndes.

bold. shiny. aluminum. new. expensive! from velocity.

lol. 1950s "jackass." via ruby lane.

gorgeous. chic. retro, yet new. SOLD OUT. from restoration hardware.

industrial. tough. business-like. made from an unused, repurposed 1950s medical chart cart. seen on etsy.

i don't know if i like this one or not. thinking. not that i can afford it, even on sale. restoration hardware.

elegant. refined. compact. 1920s-inspired. from simply tray tables.

beautiful, clean, airy. from restoration hardware.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

who? who?

mug from modcloth.

pitcher from modcloth.

lamp from urban outfitters.

lamp from velocity.

lamp from viva terra.

umbrella stand by burke decor.