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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, July 18, 2005

blogger dot con


it seems that after a fantastic, amazing, wonderful and relaxing vacation, i have forgotten how to blog.

while in the med, i was writing old-school style, with an actual pen and a moleskine. {i know people love moleskine journals, but for me the jury is still out - i think the one i have is too small - while i enjoy the portability, i lament that the pages aren't large enough to accommodate a pasted postcard.}

still. it was back to writing just for myself again, which i haven't done much of since i have been blogging {and it's actually been about a year now - i totally forgot to celebrate girlhattan's one year anniversary...}

for me it's vital to write. it's necessary to rid myself of thoughts and feelings and musings so that i don't carry them around with me. and i think that when i write them in a place where no one else can see them, i'm actually better off. i used to think, "well, no one really reads this blog anyway, so i can totally write about my crush on so&so or my late night phone call from whatshisname." but now it's become obvious to me that people (not a lot, but some) do read what i write. sometimes. so i have to censor myself. i guess.

anyway. while i was gone a lot of stuff happened, that to other people is maybe no big deal, but to me is like whoa.

- my chemical romance went to #1 on TRL
finally people are falling under the spell of my beloved mr. way

- miami ink is about to air, combining two off my faves - hot guys and tattoos. i dated a tattoo artist once, he was the sweetest.

- temperature in death valley, california today: 121°
- temperature on the F train platform at delancey street today: 149°

recent ramblings:

thursday outdoor drinks at dba.

friday a so-called "friend" dragged me to counter - a vegetarian restaurant on first ave. from where i was sitting i could see a huge double cheeseburger banner hanging on the mcdonald's across the street. but my grilled tofu and shitake mushrooms were good, and thank zeus they served alcohol.

saturday french 75s and gin and tonics at chez jones.... lovely and raucous.

sunday i did go see charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday, and i did like it. sf-j says it's about michael jackson... but for me it was part anna wintour and part the real peter pan...

oh, and i was happy to hear the voice of geoffrey holder as the narrator. haven't seen him in the biz much since the "uncola" ads, james bond's "live and let die" and "annie" - but every now and then i see him on the street. he's super tall and walks with a cane.

i leave you with this: little eddie furlong...

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poor thing. trying to sober up is tough on the waistline. just ask courtney love.

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