g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, October 17, 2005

across the universe = down the block

do you know julie taymor?

she is shooting a movie around the corner from my apt. it's a period musical, and all of the stores down the block have gotten movie makeovers - they're supposed to be places you would find in greenwich village in the 60s.

very colorful!

we got a warning that there will be some audio "playback" when they shoot on tuesday... so i expect to be innundated with beatles songs.

movie set makeover

movie set makeover

movie set on clinton street

get in the mood:

listen to fiona apple's cover of across the universe.

then listen to rufus wainwright sing the same song. which do you like better?


Sid said...

I see Rivington and all I think is:



PanamaJoe said...

They're filiming right now. Still no sight of Bono. Lots of Evan Rachel Wood dressed as a hippie, though.

My building is painted all psychedelic colors. I kinda hope they keep it this way.

girlhattan said...

damn! i am far away, at work. i hope they are still filming when i get home tonight - i think they're supposed to go til midnight. i hope they keep the colors, too! cibao restaurant looks so much better.

Alexis Dahan said...

I spend a good time today watching the set. Enough to make me writing an article about the neighbourhood reactions, if some of you want to write me an email with a one sentence quote about how do you feel being taken as hostage by a movie set, please, don't hesitate!