g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ihave problems with iphone

iPhone bag

iPhone sync

iPhone active


i mean it's gorgeous. it's slim, it's sexy, it's intuitive.
it will take some getting used to.
voicemail is down.
the internet is down.
texting takes 5 times longer than it used to; maybe if i cut my fingernails it will get better.
it's not petite like my pebl; i can't slip it into the front pocket of my jeans.
it kind of makes me feel like i have manhands made of ham.
i can't send a picture in a text message? or if i can, i don't know how?

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Anonymous said...

One of your favorite films is "La boum"?? waow... I didn't know you had that in the USA... well.. I wish you could see my cell phone...