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Sunday, November 21, 2010

dreaming is free, real estate is expen$ive

friday night i had drinks at the plaza, where i haven't been in a million years, even though as a child i wanted to live there, like eloise, and my highschool prom was held there. on the way home i walked by gainsborough studios.

there are certain nyc buildings with which i am obsessed. gainsborough studios, located at 222 central park south, is one of them.

built in 1905, the top of the building has colored moravian tiles on the fa├žade, a bust of landscape artist thomas gainsborough above the entryway as well as an "allegorical frieze" depicting people involved in the arts.

according to nyc architecture the building has "only 34 apartments, most with spectacular, double-height living rooms facing north towards Central Park."

candice bergen used to live there, and her apartment was on the cover of architectural digest in june of 1979… which, I believe, may have been the month and year i moved to nyc as a kid.

the images from that 1979 issue of AD happen to be online, and holy mother of manhattan is that some real estate porn. jesus chrysler building.

even though the style is a of the era, the windows! the staircase . THE VIEW.

click to enlarge and/or wet your pants.

incidentally, candice bergen now lives in los angeles. but her daughter, chloe malle, lives in new york. and if you look closely at the windows behind her this vanity fair profile from january of this year it is fairly obvious that she lives in gainsborough studios.

interestingly enough, chloe malle is a writer with a real estate column in the observer. real estate!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Candice Bergen lives in New York too