g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

DUI FUG: functioning under the gin-fluence

over the weekend i had lover-ly cocktails with a dozen or more friends and associates. we sat outside in the little ghetto patio at crudo on clinton street and had a merry old time. lots of special guests, spilled drinks, and delicious gossip. we were seated near a crew that featured the actor formerly known as "the dude from the dell commmercials." random. but it was a glorious evening, right up until around 4:30 am. that was when i went to walk tim's dogs before bed.

i asked erik to hold their leashes for me whilst i ran to the garbage can on the corner to dispose of the dachshund droppings. but between the strained yapping of the pups, the flimsiness of my flip-flops and my gin-soaked mind, i stubbed my toe on the sidewalk. blood gushed! erik was an absolute angel: he scurried over to the 24 hour walgreens on 14th street and brought back neosporin, tubular gauze, waterproof tape, flexible bandages, etc., etc., etc.

i'll live, but in the meantime i've decided to start reading Modern Drunkard magazine. didn't know there was such a thing? neither did i! but they have articles that address these kinds of problems.

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