g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, September 03, 2004

vegas, baby.

so yeah. i went to vegas for the WWD MAGIC convention. i stayed in a fauxtel called the Paris. checked in at le registration desk and bought bottled water from a store called le neccessities. there were faux cobblestone "boulevards" and mexican bellmen that said "bonjour" when they took your luggage. faux fran├žais as a way of life. rather horrifying.

the convention was lots and lots of walking. spotted rev. run of run-dmc, gary dourdan of CSI, nicky hilton, and bijou phillips. people said they saw boy george, and anna nicole was there, too, but i didn't see them. i did see my homie josh from made clothing. no man can rock chanel jewelry like he can. went to a party in the gigantic suite at the hard rock hotel, the one with the bowling alley that the osbournes and carmen and dave partied in. it was super cool - three amazing bedrooms, huge bathrooms, jacuzzi for six, living room, dining room, pool table, kitchen... but i kept thinking about the kind of kinky sex coked up midget strippers probably had on the furniture and was vaguely creeped out.

coming back to new york is always a relief. seeing the city from the sky at night, twinkling like diamonds on black velvet, i felt all happysadendoftheworld. glad to be back, but not real excited to return to the daily grind, to a harsh reality where there's no room service and the rent is due.

oh, yeah - and summer's over. crap.

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