g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

get your teeth fixed, get drunk, take a hike

here's some of the stuff that went down...

my hot-ass sister came back from cuba.
we walked, we talked, we shopped at urban with yellow in tow.

while i was in urban, my dentist called me.
he asked if i could move my thursday appointment from 4:30 to noon.
this would involve missing a hell of a lot of work.
in fact, since i work so far away,
this would involve not going to work at all.
so i said yes.
my dentist is hot,
and i will pretty much do whatever he asks,
even if it means flossing.
once or twice, anyway...

later that day i met kate, who was having dinner with her family at 71 clinton, and we had drinks at my regal beagle, crudo.
gin-and-tonics out-of-doors = ♥

i had a leisurely morning, an endless dentistry session, and then i went to find some supplies for the white party. because the person who is throwing the white party, aka bluetwj, aka my so-called best friend, sometimes reads this blog, i cannot reveal what i shopped for. but it was an adventure. i was in a weird storeroom on the 8th floor of a building on 36th street and i was feeling sneezy.

thursday night i met up with my sister and her friend at epstein's.
we went to see henry, who was spinning at 6s and 8s, but it was early (midnight) and quiet, so we went next door to kush to chitchat with nnadi.
he was flirting with everybody, as usual.
some chick even licked his nipple.
"some girls would take him home," she said to my sister, "but i just licked his nipple. that's all i wanted."

later we went back to 6s & 8s and it was crazy downstairs.
it was highenergylatinreggae or something.
not reggaeton.
something else.
and hot latin boys everywhichwhere you looked.
jumping up and down and hollering.
i hadn't seen boys that brown and hot since the time i accidentally stumbled onto the line to see café tacuba at webster hall because it was blending with the line to see charlie and the chocolate factory at the movie theater on 3rd & 11th.

anyway we hung with those boys for awhile and then went back upstairs to be with henry.
around 2:30am when i was more than a little tipsy, who should walk into 6s and 8s but my dentist???

that's right.
my dentist.

my dentist is way cool and super hot and very fashionable and i had to have my sister take our picture.

my dentist

i was so happy and full of cocktails that i'm pretty sure i looked at him dreamily and said with a sigh, "i love you."

if you look closely you will see that i am wearing a piece of very fine jewelry my sister made for me that day;
it is a long beaded necklace made entirely of organic spinach penne.

i went to get my bike fixed, had some sushi lunch with bluetwj, sort of melted from the heat and stayed in.

bluetwj and i biked to the west village and had breakfast at tartine, then hit flight 001 and so on...

saturday night i was at a bbq in the slope hosted by the fantastic ms.cole, aka my benicio stencil buddy.

my sister, my brother, jacky, kate, bluetwj and i went hiking through the woods to a lake.
girlhattan? hiking?
it's true.
mountain kids
chill bill

that's about it....

more later.

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