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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


now you have seen him

halle berry on benicio del toro:

"Let's not even talk about Benico. He's good, sexy and he's got that thing. Some actors have it. They walk in the room and the molecules in the room change. That would be him."

from an amazing (translated) interview with björk:

On Medúlla, you wrote "nor Bush nor Bin Laden". Do you feel this is even more urgent nowadays ?

We've been terrorized for more than four thousand years with these organized religions! Earth exists for more than four billion years, I think she's able to defend herself against those tiny four thousand years...
This idea, that we cannot live without orders from the left hemisphere of the brain, by completely neglecting the animal part, the pagan, the physical and the natural one is absurd. How could we neglect nature and become rolled up by the Bible or the Koran? How could we obediently allow this outrageous 12 month calendar with months we don't know if they have 28, 29, 30 or 31 days? The body, it knows there are 13 months: women bleed thirteen times during the year, there are thirteen full moons. But Christianity doesn't tolerate the 13th. By deleting this number, it imagined itself stronger than nature. Skyscrapers in New York don't have the 13th floor: that informs so much about the influence of this religion on that country. Even in Iceland, men imagined themselves stronger than nature and start building large dams, in this country which used to be considered as the purest in Europe... Volta, it's a comic horror film: I dream in it that one day nature is going to revolt... I see it, walking heavily and noisily down the streets of New York, entering each building and handwriting a "13" in the lift shafts. It's been four thousand years since she's been asleep and was letting the others do what they want to do with her. But now, it's over: we need to admit that we are only a tribe, who has to live with nature, has to forget its presumptions of civilization and cleanness. We are fundamentally pagans and we'll need to take that under our account.

track of the day: taking back sunday - my blue heaven

(I'm both a patient boy... and a jealous man...
We swing and we sway as this tiny voice in my head starts to sing
"You're safe child, you are safe"

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