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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

my hot & hip new TV show!

Hey, if you work for MTV, VH1, FOX, NBC, ABC or CBS, drop me a line! I've got a great idea for a hot new TV show.


Svengali Daddy Showdown!

The once reigning champion of Svengali Daddies and head of music world entertainment, Matthew Knowles, would face his challenger, Joe Simpson.

Sure, Matthew is is behind Destiny's Child, breakout star/favorite daughter Beyoncé, as well as snubbed lil' sis Solange (who, with the quickie wedding, pulled a Nicky Hilton before Nicky Hilton did...) Plus, he's supposedly signing hip-hop heavies De La Soul.

But while the new DC CD won't come out til 2005, Joe Simpson is hot right now. Joe manages the careers of Jessica, Ashlee and new teen heartthrob Ryan Cabrera. He micromanages everything from the songs to the reality shows.


Let's get Matthew and Joe in a ring together and see what happens. Better yet, let's give them an artist - one talented but underexposed singer - and watch them compete to turn the poor thing into an overworked, overexposed household name. That's good television!

Guest stars would include Hilary Duff's pushy producer mom Susan, Aaron Carter's ass-kicking mom Jane (check out her pretty mug shot!) and everyone from Bravo's Showbiz Moms and Dads.

Hey! TV People! This idea is money in the bank. Call me.

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