g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

dear santa,

in these troubled times, it would do us all good to put the needs and well-being of others before our own desires. helping our fellow humans should be on the top of our “to-do” lists. unfortunately, as a red blue-blooded american who hit her self-centered teenage stride in the money-grubbing 80s, I can really only sincerely think of myself at this time of year. so here’s what I want for christmas:

the cutest iPod holder ever. (seen @ catchdubs)

the snottiest t-shirt ever. (seen @ tale of two cities)

the ryan mcginness skateboard deck, aka the holy grail. looks soooo much better in the flesh wood. hee, i said wood!

any of the box sets from trojan, or just a desmond dekker double CD.

some of those hott missy elliott sneakers.

a girlhattan tag necklace.

champagne, fashion and cocaine? yes please!

"oh, my beloved ice cream bar... how i love to leek your creamy center..." know where that's from? no? you eeeeediot! (by the way, you can hear awesome ren wav files here.)

I also want to meet this guy. so I’ll need a round trip ticket to new zealand.

here’s what I don’t want: a lap pillow. eww.


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