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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, November 22, 2004

post-west palm beach tech woes

file under "down but not out":
i wanted to post some fab pix from my 5 days in juno beach, FL but my digital camera malfunctioned.
it had some kind of apoplectic seizure, is stuck with the lens extended and my images are trapped inside.
but here's what i did while on the red peninsula for dirk's wedding:

*drank coronitas on the beach
*bumped the iPod out of a monster speaker
*went to an amusement center and played miniature golf, air hockey, video games, bumper boats and raced go-karts
*ate lobster and corn on the cob at a clambake
*sat on the beach in the dark of night and watched the stars move ever so slowly
*danced with somebody's dad
*was interviewed for a documentary about the election
*ate steak
*ate fried clams
*cried at the wedding when the groom's brother sang a PJ harvey song
*watched a lizard change colors as he walked from grass to concrete

images TK, hopefully.

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