g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i might like you better if we slept together.

i'm late in writing about my weekend, which was pretty enjoyable.

dinner at miracle grill on first ave, which is apparently closing in december.

farewell, savory hanger steak. goodbye, well-seasoned porkchop. i hardly knew ye.

oh, right, there will still be the west village location, as well as the one in park slope.

moving right along.

after dinner, drinks were at morrissey park, which had a foul odor.
but the DJ played the cure, and the vino i ordered wasn't bad at all.

after that, i picked workhorse up at mo pitkin's, and headed down to fat baby to meet ms. chen and friends, and the glass of wine i had at fat baby was absolutely vile. just putrid. also? the crowd sucked. i left the full glass of wine behind, as we ventured on to mercury lounge, and then ended up going home relatively early, like 2:30ish.

saturday i spent some time in the post office trying to figure out how to mail something to hong kong. afterward, i ran into DJ O on delancey street, and he took me for a ride on his shiny shiny 72 BMW, and then we ate chicken and rice at castillo de jagua.

saturday night i stayed in and had my own private film festival: one i've never seen, serenity, and two i have seen but still love: hedwig and the angry inch and velvet goldmine.

everytime i see velvet goldmine, it gets better and better. the songs! the clothes! jrm's LIPS!

speaking of jrm, who is several different kinds of gorgeous, there are some really nice pics of him over at justjared.

sunday i went to screening of rent, which was okay, i guess.

some of the songs are really quite stupid. grating, with bad lyrics.

but that's not the movie's fault.

and rosario dawson is a gem, i just love her.
the new york times summed the movie up this way:
"junkies sing about their feelings".

'nuff said.

velvet goldmine screencaps from velvet demon.

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