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g i r l h a t t a n

Sunday, November 06, 2005

it's not easy being...

friday we had a very special visitor at work.

editing the magazine

he talked about his world tour and his relationship with a certain pig.

he said the tom and katie thing was "a little weird."

someone asked, "are you a scientologist?"
and he said, "i'm an amphibian."

he said the rumors about his new TV show "America's Next Top Muppet"
are true. ABC ordered a script but nothing is set in stone yet.

he said that "it's getting easier to be green."

he said he was excited to be a stamp, "and you don't have to lick
me, i'm self-adhesive."

saturday i did some gallery hopping with tsuyoshi, edna and ms. cole. we saw some great stuff: maira kalman, ryan mcginness, and marc swanson.

tsuyoshi and edna

ms. cole


i also went to the plain of heaven show at the end of the highline. the highline is so oddly beautiful - rusty, abandoned, but with plantlife sprouting everywhere... years ago i went to a michael alig disco 2000 outlaw party on top of the highline. there was a girl wearing an outfit made out of electrical tape and a guy in a chicken suit and lots of drag queens and free vodka and it was only about a half hour before the cops showed up, kicked us off the train tracks and the party moved to limelight.


now there's a thai restaurant called highline. ms. cole and i had some tasty pad thai there after all the art. i want to throw a party in their pool lounge, it's so retro-future-cute!

later saturday night i went to the new musical version of the color purple. at some point this weekend i slept, i swear.

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PanamaJoe said...

Heh, I always kinda figured Kermit was a Mac user.