g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Sunday, December 04, 2005



saturday afternoon after running errands, going to the gym and so on and so forth, i looked in the mirror and there was a small spot of blood on my eye.

i immediately decided i was dying, and started to cry, which probably made the spot worse. so i got in bed and watched murderball on DVD, which was good, but made me feel lazy for lying in bed when i have two legs that work. so i went out.

i met workhorse at ace bar and we hopped on the back of his vespa and visited my brother, who was DJing in park slope. he was spinning on the 4th floor, but there was also a party on the 2nd floor, so we checked that out as well. on the 2nd floor i saw something i swear i have never seen in a new york apartment before: a poster of a nazi soldier on the wall. there were also little fighter planes hanging from the ceiling, but the nazi poster freaked me out the most. now, to be honest, the poster did say "the enemy" under the soldier's face. but still. who hangs a poster of a nazi soldier in their home?

upstairs, the beats were hot and i thawed out - it was cold on the back of the scooter, especially going across the manhattan bridge...

but it was a quid pro quo situation, so we had to hit workhorse's friend's party in red hook. but first we stopped at schn├Ąck where i had delicious hot chocolate in an "it's a boy" mug.

at the red hook party the apartment was decorated with dutch vintage science posters, which is my new favorite decorative theme.

the party was fun, but i can neither confirm nor deny whether the host tried to make out with me when i was on my way out and his live-in girlfriend was in the other room.

when i woke up on sunday the blood spot on my eye was worse.



while watching TV i saw a wendy's commercial that brainwashed me with this techno song called "satisfaction."

i found the video online.

if you didn't like foxy chicks and power tools before, you will now.
friday the thighmaster posted something for the ladies.

this is for the fellas.
benny benassi - satisfaction.


Sid said...

I've gotten those brokey blood vessels twice. Both times after drinking waaaaaaaay too much, and maybe doing a little of the upchuckery. Okay, definitely involving the upchuckery. So fear not. It'll go away in a little while (mine lasted a week.) Think of it as an excuse to constantly wear thos fab sunglasses of yours, yes?

Sid said...

also? you have fab eyebrows.
that is all.

girlhattan said...

it's so completely ridiculous, but it seems i got it from exercising. i didn't even go out friday night! and it appeared after i got home from running on the treadmill & stretching. so much for clean living.

my brows thank you.