g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, December 19, 2005

yeah yeah yeah


thursday night i went to a screening of match point, which i found to be pretty good. tense. not *great* but very well done. i definitely had no idea what was going to happen or how it was going to end. the woman sitting next to me in the theater audibly gasped a couple of times.

i am still in love with jrm.

saturday night i was at a lovely holiday party, chatting and sipping champagne,
so i missed saturday night live.

but somehow i found this clip of the funny funny narnia rap.

it's all about the hamiltons, baby.

last night i had a divine 3 hour dinner at stanton social.

the concept is that you "share" plates, which means they can charge more and give you less. still, the food was inventive and really really good.

the winners:
- french onion soup dumplings
- warm spinach salad with roasted corn, smoked goat cheese and chile cashews
- red snapper tacos with fiery mango & avocado salsa
+ cocktail: pink grapefruit-mint martini
+ desert:
warm doughnuts, delish!!!

- wood-grilled pizetta with figs, smoked bacon, blue cheese and truffle honey
- grilled citrus & ginger wild striped bass satays with spicy orange peanut sauce
- kobe beef slider (microscopic and $6 each)

shoulda skipped:
butternut squash & sweet potato autumn ravioli with vanilla brown butter and candied pecans

random web thingy:

i'm going down
2 alphabet street
i'm gonna crown the first girl that i meet
i'm gonna talk so sexy
she'll want me from my head
to my feet
-- prince

how did we get our modern alphabet? click here and see.


Panama Joe said...

The Narnia rap was great....

Although they seem to be really big on Magnolia, whereas I feel that their cupcakes pale in comparison to those of Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

girlhattan said...

i am a fan of sugar sweet sunshine too!

i bought a dozen sunshine cupcakes last night for an office party today... and then didn't make it to the office because of the strike!

Panama Joe said...


Still, there are far worse things in life then having a dozen Sunshine cupcakes to oneself.