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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, March 20, 2006

the boy's bad news

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pics from the weekend TK i swear.

{i was out late on friday, walking around all day on saturday and out late on saturday night and up for early brunch on sunday and i am still tired.}

meanwhile, entertain yourself with this video from eagles of death metal. the track is called i want you so hard.

i met josh homme from EODM/queens of the stone age when i was at coachella a couple of years ago. you may already know he's a redhead (♥), but did you know he's about six foot six? i was in some sort of weird slack-jawed, eyes-agog i-have-such-a-crush-on-you state and couldn't breathe or speak around him. suave!

(i hope you know that any time i post a song or video, you can download it to your own computer by control-clicking or right clicking.)

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1 comment:

Sid said...

*running, screaming, flailing arms like little fangirl b*tch*


*passed out*


I think I need to shake your hand.


I love EODM, and QOTSA. Sigh.