g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, March 23, 2006


i ordered a shirt online.

a "midnight tunic top."

i got it last week.

i like it, it looks good on me, so i decided to keep it.

i am wearing it for the first time today.

and, about five minutes ago, i realized that this top is BLUE and not BLACK.
i swear it looked black in the catalog, and black in my "romantically lit" (read: dim) apartment.

but here at work under the fluorescent lights, the truth is revealed.

the shirt is freakin blue.

i'm still going to keep it.
but i don't think i can wear it with a black cardigan anymore. can i?


Anonymous said...

Midnight is usually a dark blue the only reason I know is that my husband liked to buy a midnight Tuxedo which is the darkest of blue. In as much as you swing dance what is wrong with "black and blue".

girlhattan said...

i know, i know, "midnight blue."

but it was not listed as the color, it was listed as the description - "midnight tunic." i thought it was a serving suggestion. as in, wear this after midnight!

and it really looked black.

fashion rules say you can't wear navy blue and black together... i wouldn't care but i think it might look bad.

but believe me, i am continually breaking several thousand fashion rules.