g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, May 19, 2006

i didn't believe in magic
until i watched you disappear


i am still glowing from a gorgeous gorgeous spring evening in girlhattan.

sure, it rained yesterday. but when i stepped out of the subway at broadway-lafayette, the sun was shining and my friends were waiting for me at café habana.

oh, beloved roasted corn, how i adore thee!

we headed over to classic kicks where josh madden was DJing a converse/spin party. he played trick daddy's "shut up," which i love.

then we headed over to the soho grand for the maripol exhibit. huge polaroids of basquiat, debbie harry, etc. so cool.

also? drinking outside in the garden is the way to go.

celeb sightings: fred schneider, michael stipe, mr. mickey, and the holy grail of sightings, leo jimenez, the man my sister has had a crushing crush on for years.

to see awesome maripol polariods, click here.

after we left the hotel we almost went to the parasuco jeans party, but the crowd was too crazy. today i saw on wire image that lindsay lohan was there and DJ AM was spinning...

still, we ended up at pravda, where we had pizza with gruyère and potato chips with caviar crème fraiche.

le sigh, every evening should end with cocktails and caviar. more later.


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