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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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so a couple of cool things happened to me recently.

one was that i went to a party thrown by motorola.

i rsvp'd, and almost didn't go, and then in the end, i went.
and i was glad i did, because they gave me a new pebl.
a few months ago i kind of wanted the razr - until i actually held one.
it was so square and boxy and bigger than the LG i already had.
sort of turned me off. my pebl is soft and round and purty. we're in love.

new phone

the other cool thing was this:

i wanted to check out the phil frost show at the jack shainman gallery.

i'm a fan and i wanted to see his new stuff. i wasn't sure if the gallery was open on sundays but i trekked over there anyway - it was a nice day.

when i got to the gallery, there was a guy out front working on a canvas but the gallery was closed. i said, "it's not open today?" and he said, "no... but you can go in if you want to."

then i looked at the canvas and realized it was frost's artwork. i asked, "are you phil frost?" and he said yes! he let us into the gallery, which reeked of weed smoke and was filled with the sounds of old-school reggae. he had a portable record player plugged in and a stack of albums - great way to spend a sunday.

needless to say, the work was great. tattoo-esque urbantribalgraffiticollage.

go see it, you have until may 20th.

his work is better seen in person, when you can get close, check out the detail and the pictures pasted behind the paint, see the broken glass and try to interpret the signs and symbols...

but you see more pix here.

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Sid said...

Oh, what a lovely phone. Very, very nice. Free gadgets are never bad.