g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

big girl, for sure you still fine...


tee party

tee pary

bullet brown

so for my birthday i had a tee party on the roof of the delancey.
everyone brought a t-shirt they weren't in love with anymore, and hung it up on the clothesline i provided. then you could feel free to take a shirt that appealed to you. a t-shirt swap! we also played connect four and drank. a lot.

afterwards we ended up at crudo on clinton street, which is always my regal beagle. and sunday it was tsuyoshi's birthday, so there was a champagne-fueled brunch at the boathouse in central park followed by a leisurely stroll through the park to bergdorf goodman and more bottles of champagne at BG. later that day i had another birthday party in battery park city. geminis never sleep.

last night i had an amazing/bizarre experience at the delancey, for KRACK ATTACK, the new CD (and vinyl!) from cx kidtronik. it was punk rap, with moshing and people rhyming while wearing masks and monster gloves. experimental, noisy, avant garde, lots of fun. my new fave song is from KRACK ATTACK. big girl, in a skinny girl outfit... big girl, on a table eating twelve steaks, skinny girl, steady throwing up on dinner plates...

i highly recommend you listen to cx kidtronik's "big girl skinny girl" RIGHT NOW.


Maritza said...

You have so much fun! Happy birthday.

bunny said...

Happy Bday and I also agree you have loads of fun! What a cool idea for the t-shirt party!

Just listened to big girl/skinny girl and can I say LOVE IT!!

CX KiDTRONiK said...

Thanks for the love. I'm glad U found yr way down to the basement, and stayed. I will forward your words to the rapper in Atlanta who raps on BIG GIRL SKINNY GIRL- Tchaka Diallo. Thanks again.--

peep myspace.com/cxkidtronik