g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, June 23, 2006

summer in the city/up on the roof


workhorse & king tee

tibor clock

view from roof of 250 e houston

last weekend i went to a roof party at red square and was thisclose to the clock made by my hero tibor kalman.

earlier this week i was supposed to go to a roof party @ 60 thompson.

but when r2 and i arrived at the hotel, i was informed that the hotel was not "dog friendly."

so i called my brother, up on the roof, and he said the party was lame anyways and he'd come down.

i waited in the lobby with my eye on the elevators. an elevator went up, and then came down. the doors opened and sienna miller came out. thin thin thin thin, black fedora, leggings, on cell phone. when my brother came down he was super sad he missed her, she's his crush, thanks to (NSFW) alfie.

anyway. we cruised to the yard at the soho grand and then past the ferrari and bentley parked in front of cipriani, spent some time and $$$ in ben sherman, and then ate some dinner on the sidewalk at café colonial and had dessert at ciao bella

this weekend is the mermaid parade, the hip hop festival and eventually i will need to drop off laundry. crap.

if i had it, i would post the mp3 of "up on the roof" by the drifters. but i don't.


Piñacolada said...

you fixed the camera!

billy said...

i need to watch alfie again