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g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, June 22, 2006

re: makes

baby doll


remakes are tough. sometimes they can be great. a cover song, like johnny cash singing NIN's hurt, for instance.

but movies... remakes are tricky tricky tricky. the new "reimagined" batman was awesome.

charade is a great movie, the truth about charlie sucked.

ocean's eleven, the ring, cape fear... remakes for which i never saw the originals, so it's tough to say...

anyway. two remakes on the way: one is miami vice. maybe not *technically* a remake, since the original was on TV... but... i LOVED the series. that "little miss dangerous" episode where fiona played a hooker who would kill johns and then draw a weird picture and set a fire and go into a trance? awesome.

next: it's been reported that gwen stefani is going to star in a remake of baby doll, one of my favorites... a twisted southern gothic tale of a virginal, child-like bride and her older, aggro husband, this movie is perfect just the way it is, and carroll baker (pictured above) is amazing. please, gwen. i love you. you have the hair. but do you have the chops? don't ruin it, that is all i ask!

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