g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

just a thought

view from roof of 250 e houston

not to get all weird/depressing/conspiracy-theorist/new agey, but.

last night i was lying in bed thinking about this:

9/11 - attack on NY

3/11 - attack on Madrid

7/7 - attack on London

7/11 - attack on Mumbai

in numerology, 7 is a mystic number and 11 is the "spiritual messenger" number...

at karaoke on saturday, long before i walked home down houston street in the blinding sunlight at 6am, someone in our group did a stirring rendition of one of my fave prince songs.

listen: seven

all 7 and we'll watch them fall
they stand in the way of love
and we will smoke them all
with an intellect
and a savoir-faire
no one else in the whole universe
will ever compare
i am urs now and u are mine
and 2gether we'll love through
all space and time
so don't cry


deborah said...

oh i love that song.

i wonder if all the 7/11 convenience stores will have to go through a re branding.

oh my sense of humour is sometimes very bad.

girlhattan said...

no, no - i thought about 7-11 stores too...

also, in craps - the dice game - 7 and 11 are the winning numbers.

i also heard on CNN that there were 7 bombs 11 minutes apart.

it does seem like the 11th of the month is the day being chosen to send a message... and i am wondering if something will happen on november 7? 11/7 in this part of the world, 7/11 in other parts...