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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, July 17, 2006

sham pain, the epic

if you play your cards right, your weekend can start on thursday.

i had a meeting in the am and then went to visit my friend cornelius in the garment district. he's beautiful, he can sing, i love his band and he also designs dresses! i was hooked up with a brand new wrap dress.

wrap dress

please excuse the horrifying shiny chin. hot in the city.

anyway. when you have a good meeting and a new dress, you have to go out. those are the rules.

so i met my friend T for dinner, and it quickly turned into oysters and champagne...



b bar


after dinner we picked up more champagne and headed to workhorse's, where there was an impromptu pedi competition.

you may or may not believe this, but some of these feet belong to straight men.

pedi contest

i was declared the winner of the pedi contest, but when straight guys are involved, is it really a victory to savor?

here's my pedi secret: i bring my own polish to the pedi place. that way, when (not if) the polish chips, i can touch it up myself.


we ended the night in the back patio of crudo.

friday i did stuff like go to the bookstore, drink a smoothie, drop off laundry, etc.

saturday i traveled to fort greene, brooklyn - beautiful scenic setting for a summer picnic...

sitting under a tree eating KFC is one of life's small pleasures.

plus my ipod was hooked up to my monster speakers...

habana outpost

ft greene

ft greene






sunday afternoon was the fun indoor/outdoor gay party @ opus 22 - starring candis cayne. she performed a few numbers and even ran out onto the west side highway during "love is a battlefield."

may i be honest? your weekend is lacking if you don't see a tranny run to an island by the west side highway and dance like pat benatar.

opus 22

opus 22

opus 22

please note how my cocktail just about matches my shirt. MANGO MADNESS!

opus 22

canidce cayne

this is not an art gallery

afterward we ate dinner @ highline and then had more drinks at apt.

we met a nice architect from east berlin, but by that time it was late on a school night and time to go home....




more later...

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Sid said...

That. Dress. Is. FIYAH!

Sounds like good times.