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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

justin vs. robyn

this is really "what goes around" vs. "konichiwa bitches"

this is tale as old as time. when money and fame don't solve your problems.

justin timberlake made a great album. his videos from futuresex/lovesounds, so far, have been so-so. he dances, he broods, he fondles models, timbaland appears, whatever.

so they decided to ramp it up.
"take it to the next level." hire nick cassavetes. hire scarlett "modern vixen" johansson. hype it up with trailers and a premiere date, and make the video nine minutes long.

and guess what? it sucks and blows when it's not being yawn-inducingly zzzzzzzzz boring.

the plotline doesn't match the song, the acting is terrible, the lighting and the mic make the cars seem anachronistic. it's just not good.

and then there's something like robyn's "konichiwa bitches."
no hype, no hollywood starlet guest stars. just a hilarious, creative, funky monkey little video you fall in love with.

budget for "what goes around"...........$$$$$$$$
budget for "konichiwa"..................................... $$

winner for better video: konichiwa bitches!

please, by all means, if you disagree, say so.

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