g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, November 13, 2006

the giftbag is in the glass

last thursday it was super slow at work. i spent some time reading spin magazine, and this band called the horrors caught my eye. the 19 year old super skinny rock boys did an edward gorey-esque photo shoot in the mag and apparently have a crazy video for the song "sheena is a parasite." okay.

after work i went to some random events... book party at the mark garrison salon, where i used to get my locks chopped. champagne and beauty products.

next we went to the uniqlo launch party on broadway and spring. cashmere and sushi. more champagne. ran into tsuyoshi and posse.

and who did i see on the stairs? the horrors. i recognized them by their hair. they're even skinnier and younger in person. i introduced myself and said, "i just watched your video today!" and coffin joe said, "oh, lovely!" in his clipped british accent, and then asked me about the origins of my name. he was super cute. super young. so inappropriate.

later we had a round of drinks at shebeen and then some of us went to lit and danced the night away...

uniqlo opening party

uniqlo opening party




amy & km

melissa & nathan

friday i went to see nnadi in a play at the chocolate factory in long island city. so many cute bars and restaurants in LIC. i forgot about that. i lived there, briefly, in the 90s...

saturday i attempted to help workhorse shop for pants. then the evening was like bouncing around - drinks at negril, dancing at bob, the cut at savalas...

sunday i was up at lincoln center for a GORGEOUS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED film called dallas pashamende. it's about gypsies living in a garbage dump but it's about so much more. and as with all good storytelling, as they taught me @ nyu, when it's personal, it's universal.

more later.

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