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g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, June 21, 2007

lighten up!

my bag

my bag

so yesterday i was feeling some shoulder pain and like maybe curvature of the spine? and i looked at my beautiful silver bag like, wtf are you doing to me? what is in there? i swear it was like 5 lbs. which doesn't sound bad but when it's pressing on your shoulder on the F train for a while it's really not cool.

so i decided to dump everything out. and catalog the contents of my bag.

here's what i was carrying around:

the contents of my bag

{click here to see annotated photo.}

h&m umbrella
plastic letter opener
primal elements lipgloss
total bitch lipgloss
maybelline great lash mascara
2 sharpies
revlon just bitten lipgloss in plum wicked
lip smackers lip balm in coca cola
tarte cheek stain
hello kitty guitar pick
skull beads from a broken bracelet
hair barrette
entertainment weekly
paper magazine
new york magazine
teen vogue
wicked lovely - teen fiction about a girl who sees faeries
"diary" notebook from chinatown
3 (?!?) pairs of sunglasses:
cvs total moisture lotion
rollerball pen
lip smackers lip blam in fanta
assorted business cards
new york city™ condom
terracotta by guerlain
dome blush brush

not pictured: pink sony cybershot camera (in use!); motorola pebl (left it at home).


what's in your bag?

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Anonymous said...

very interesting stuff..cool photograph and bag