g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

sounds like teen spirit


i am fully aware that i am an adult, and not a sulky teenager.

and yet.

sometimes i ride the subway with my hoodie hood up, iPod blasting inane pop that soothes the soul or blistering emorock that fuels angst.

and right now is a great time for infectious sugary confections, the silly tracks known as summer anthems. i've worn my amy winehouse and lily allen albums thin; i'm looking for songs to carry me through june.

candidate #1 ; girlfriend - avril lavigne

it's not rocket science or poetry, but it's like she can read my mind.
"hey, hey
you, you!
i don't like your girlfriend!
no way, no way,
i think you need a new one...
hey hey, you you -
i could be your girlfriend!

she's like so whatever
you could do so much better.
i think we should get together...

i mean seriously. i've had this conversation with myself or a friend at least a million times this year and we're less than 6 months in.

candidate #2: lip gloss - lil mama

the estate of marilyn monroe and various marketing departments may want you to believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but ask any modern woman what she can't live without on a daily - nay, hourly- basis, and the answer is lip gloss. lil mama is 17 years old and shouts out mac and l'oréal. love her.

(download track here)

candidate #3: girlfriend remix - avril with lil mama
combine these brats and double your pleasure! two great tastes that taste great together!

download by clicking here!

candidate #4: party like a rock star - shop boys

the musical equivalent of candy from a 25¢ bodega vending machine. great and terrible at the same time, bad for you, sort of gross and highly addictive.

"totally, dude."

candidate #5: umbrella - rihanna

i dunno, the song is stupid but kind of hot at the same time, i guess she wants to be the new aaliyah, except ciara has that on lock. rihanna looks good—gorgeous, actually, but at times her voice is super nasal, that's my only complaint. still. i think jay-z is a genius and knows exactly what he is doing as he micromanages her career. the "ay-ay-ay" in this track is annoying at first and then you just succumb to it, it carries you away like a coney island riptide and you enjoy drowning in its repetition.

candidate #6: last night - diddy ft. keyshia cole

three words i always live by: don't doubt diddy.

this is by no means a definitive list. i'm open to suggestions for great summer songs.

while we're on the subject of teen angst, i watched nowhere for the nth time over the weekend. took pictures because the art direction is killer. i also just love the stilted acting, fast-paced potty-mouthed dialogue and apocalyptic tone. sigh.









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