g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Thursday, September 15, 2005

anna ♥ mk?

last night i went to the anna sui show in the tents.

celebs: ciara, the asbolutely scrumptious scott weiland, (looking clean, sober and gorgeous), sofia coppola, and kelly osbourne.

the clothes: hippie chic loose flowy babydoll dresses, in boho prints or crocheted - like anna had raided mary-kate olsen's closet. you can see them here, and you can see backstage/front row pix here and here.

glamazon creature naomi campbell opened and closed the show. she is really stunning in person. i remember trying to interview her at an event when i was just a wee intern. traumatizing!

i also saw lots of fashion/publishing stars, like linda wells, gilles bensimon and irena pantaeva.

after the chaos, celebs and fashion tma and i gorged ourselves on crab legs and coconut shrimp at the red lobster in times square. it seemed like the right thing to do.


Danyel said...

ooooah! loving the feedback. are you going to any more shows? I've got to try that Red Lobster. I keep saying I want to go when it's not crowded, but when whould that be?

girlhattan said...

i think that 8pm on a weeknight is a good time.

we were a party of two and were told we'd have a wait time of 10 minutes, so we sat at the bar and ordereed cocktails. it was probably only 6 minutes before our little pager went off, letting us know our table was ready.

i think that it gets crowded before after and the broadway shows; since most curtains go up at 8, that seems to be perfect timing. still - it was full! and surreal. there are no views of times square in the dining area - no windows - so it feels like you're in some sort of secret seafood lockdown.

if you like shrimp i recommend the coconut and the scampi- the regular fried shrimp was sort of bleh.

monday is crab night; tuesday is shrimp lovers' night!

also? 15% gratuity is automatically added.

* * *
trying to get into the zac posen show tonight but it doesn't look good...