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g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, September 09, 2005

art & sneakers

last night i went to the yoshitomo nara opening at the marianne boesky gallery in chelsea. they've constructed a tiny studio inside the gallery, and you can peek in and see the artist's sketches and "workspace."

afterwards we headed down to apt for a screening of the documentary just for kicks. even if you're not a sneaker addict like i am, i highly recommend this movie! you get to see characters like bobbito, fab 5 freddy, bonz malone and dame dash talk about their obsessions - from shelltoes to jordans to dunks. it was funny and informative, although not completely thorough - you could do a 12 hour series, ken-burns style, on the sneaker freaker phenomenon. i mean, the japanese kids who line up in my neighborhood for rare kicks are a story unto themselves.

actually, a 12 hour film on sneakers is not really necessary. but you know who is super cute, and in this film? mathieu kassovitz. ooh la la. bonjour, mon cher.

by the way, apt is kind of a cool place to see a movie. they usually have movie nights on tuesdays... and they have a popcorn machine.

apt movie screening

on my way home i took a picture of the view on delancey street - as we near the 11th, the world trade center lights are back.

delancey street


Nitsauf B said...

How many pairs do you own? I thought I was a sneaker freak but apparently not.

girlhattan said...

i'm down to 14 pairs after a spring cleaning... i had to get rid of some gems! i just don't have the space.

Nitsauf B said...

I have about 12 so maybe I'm not as far off as I thought.