g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, September 12, 2005

all you need is love.

i am not, i repeat - not, stalking my dentist.

but i did see him friday at the mob scene that was the asfour denim launch party. in fact, he led me past the velvet rope and clipboard people and got me and my girl hhc into the party.

(if you don't know anything about asfour, i suggest you read this. they are fascinating and should have their own reality show...)

the party was well lit, smoky and chaotic. i saw paper magazine's david hershkovits, jed weinstein, alice roi, photographer anothony gordon and lots of colorful and wacky characters.

the highlight was seeing teeny yoko ono. hhc and i smiled at her, and she smiled back.
later we saw sean lennon, scruffy and cute.

there are more of merlin bronques' pix here but i'm not in any of them. i left sort of early, because it was too crowded and i couldn't find henry to get workhorse in.

so i met workhorse out front and we hopped on his vespa and headed over to employees only for some champagne cocktails and conversation. we were joined by his friend sophie, and then we went back to his place where we were joined by my brother, and we pretty much stayed up all night drinking beer and playing records. i got home shortly before sunrise.

saturday i saw the delectable nunzio at rita hazan and had the locks chopped. the man is not only beautiful, he's a genius.

after nunzio, i wandeed down madison avenue - in and out of barney's, chanel, dior, YSL and so on... then back downtown where i sort of passed out and didn't wake up until 3am. i'd missed my saturday night - and several phone calls - and i couldn't go back to sleep. hello, diamonique!

sunday after eggs at casimir i went to thompkins square park to read. it was a glorious, sunny day and the park was full of people and dogs and birds chirping... and then it slowly began to fill with punk kids. really young kids in impossibly skinny jeans and black t-shirts, with heavy chain/studded/bullet belts and mohawks.

and as i sat there reading, a stage was being set up and it became a race - could i finish my book before the show started? the answer was no. i was on the second to the last chapter when this wall of hardcore punk rock music came at me, speedy and unrelenting. i think the song was called "i'm not sober." and i have to admit, they weren't bad. the music just wasn't conducive to reading. even though their mohawks were really nice and colorful, i left before the next band - choking victim - came on.

last night while working i saw this t-shirt, so everything came full circle.

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