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Saturday, August 05, 2006

can't stop. won't stop.

can't stop. won't stop.

as previously blogged, i was at glass and stereo on wednesday night til the wee hours. below, the hijinks that ensued.

no mokin


who wears short shorts?


drink of choice



puu puu platter + 1

thursday i went to a motorola party after work, at a great space called the xchange. finger food and drinks, plus a brand-new Q, which, while fancy and new fangled, is not as pretty or as small as my beloved pebl.

motorola party @ the xchange

view from 28th street

motorola party - james

someone on 28th street has a freaking bungalow that faces the hudson river. does anyone know what this is? a photo studio? a home? i need info. and keys.

rooftop bungalow

next up was the yo! mtv raps puma party at classic kicks. music was by the legendary evil dee and he really turned it out. if you loved old school hip-hop, you were in heaven. das efx, nice and smooth, odb, rakim, all the classics. i worship at the altar of evil dee. dancing in the sneaker store was one of the highlights of my summer. plus, they were giving out free fat laces!

jaime & billy

puma party @ classic kicks

yo mtv raps logo

yo mtv raps puma clydes

the legendary evil dee

the afterparty was at rewind, and we picked up the architect/interior design posse on the way. the architecture people were all wearing black.

red wine at rewind


new fat laces


somehow i got up at 6am the next day to meet my brother in bryant park for the pharrell/kanye mini concert for GMA. i wish i could say i wasn't one of the girls screaming or sighing everytime skateboard p spoke or took off his sunglasses or lifted his shirt. he's such a fox.

bryant park - pharrell and kanye

bryant park - pharrell and kanye

skateboard p

bryant park - pharrell and kanye

my brother and i overheard this conversation:

teenage girl on cell phone: i don't owe her two dollars! she didn't have to buy me no metrocard, i got my own metrocard! why she tryin to say i owe her money? i bought a snapple. that was a dollar fifty. no, in this neighborhood, a snapple is a dollar fifty. well i don't know but i know i don't owe her no two dollars. i only have five dollars and i am not giving her no two dollars.

i hope she had a friends and family plan, otherwise the call was costing her more than two dollars.

moving along.

king t also met me at bryant park. then we walked through times square, had breakfast at the edison and then a pedicure... all this before noon.

tahir - times square

tahir - times square

edison hotel - restaurant

edison hotel - restaurant


i also overheard this conversation near the sean jean store on 5th ave:

girl #1: why you always pointing out white boys to me?
girl #2: you said you liked justin timberlake types.
girl #1: the only thing that boy has in common with justin timberlake is skin color.

later i met my mom and sister for soho shopping and a graffiti tour of the lower east side.
to be honest, i'm exhausted just thinking about all this.

freeman alley

freeman alley - ready set gangsta

ignore this text

we go together you and i

as always, more later.

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