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Thursday, August 10, 2006

seer, sucker!

soho grand - yard

soho grand - yard: make it happen

striped bartenders

soho grand yard

soho grand yard - fred schneider of the B 52s

last night i had lovely outdoor cocktails in the yard at the soho grand.

an older dude in a seersucker suit was playing records and speaking into the microphone.

"donald sutherland is in the house!" he said. and later, "kate moss is in the house!"

um, huh? what? i did see fred schneider and david hershkovits. as i was leaving i stopped at the door and asked the young skinny black guy in a skinny black v neck and skinny black jeans, "is kate moss here?"

skinny black guy laughed, "no, that guy is a joker."

i made it home in time to watch project runway.

oh! but before drinks, i had a mostly delicious salad at lucky strike, and i was prompted to write the following letter:

dear endive,

i don't like your attitude. take your bitterness somewhere else.


link of the day:
when you're a prep, you're a prep all the way.

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