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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, September 18, 2006

but wait - there's more!

ah yes. where was i?


cloak runway show

cloak runway show

also: view a shadowy, silent snippet of the last walk below....

concept henry & tsuyoshi

concept henry & tsuyoshi at the cloak show

very blurry jared leto - cloak runway show

very blurry jared leto at the cloak show.

kate moss huge butt

kate moss' huge ass.


edna dining at chinatown brasserie.

what else?

thursday i went to a dot com party with hrh.

we traveled all the way down into the bowels of manhattan past the ancient fraunces tavern to the downtown auditorium on broad street. lovely space, nice cocktails, great band.

dot com party

dot com party

after the party we had dinner at lucky strike, ran into king tee and friend, then went to the soho grand for the studio sofield party.

the penthouse lofts, designed by bill sofield, are just gorgeous. my pictures do not do them justice. airy, with huge decks.

soho grand penthouse

soho grand deck

view north - soho grand penthouse

this is the view from the north penthouse. cinematic mist hanging over midtown provided by the mother nature.

kelly & tsuyoshi

there was lots of champagne.

soho grand

bear & cocktails

hrh was too busy chatting to notice that this bear was in love with him.

bear ♥ hrh


the bear cried a little inside.



boys boys everywhere.



matthew's keychain

matthew's horny keychain.

matthew's shoes (paul smith)

matthew's paul smith sneaker shoes.

bathroom wallpaper - soho grand

the wallpaper in the bathroom.


the floral arrangement in the bathroom.

sham pain

the sham pain in the bathroom - mini bottles of veuve.


hrh took my camera whilst i took a call.

southern view from deck - soho grand penthouse

the view from the south loft's south deck - looking south.

eastern view from deck - soho grand penthouse

the view east from the south deck.

roof deck - soho grand hotel

matthew roof deck

party people.



tsuyoshi dancefloor


bathroom soho grand penthouse

i was tipsy and went back to the bathroom for a private photo shoot.

bathroom self portrait - soho grand penthouse

champagne makes pictures better.

i found five bucks

on my way home, i found five bucks. what a great night!

saturday i did some gallery hopping in chelsea.

john mayer will teach you guitar

what if i don't want to learn guitar?

the park restaurant

we ate at the park.

warhol skulls

i heart warhol.


gabriel could care less.

warhol skulls

warhol skull

we also saw some richard serra, nir hod and hai bo.


we also stopped to eat at pop burger and i saw anderson cooper walk by, le sigh!

then the sun went down.

later i took a car service to the water taxi beach in queens for poogene's birthday.

water taxi beach - LIC queens

the view was spectacular, but i got sand in my shoes.

still, drinking under the stars with a gorgeous view of manhattan and a DJ pumping tunes was really nice.

poogene birthday

poogene birthday

poo was really happy. he'd spent the day surfing.

workhorse gave me a ride to manhattan on the back of his vespa. it was really quite lovely to speed through the midtown tunnel; the white tile, white lighting and gentle hum of the scooter made it feel like i was in a movie about the future and everything was going to be ok.

we went to a random party with random people on some random street. taxi!

poogene birthday

we ended up at chorus karaoke in koreatown. then i really did feel like i was living in the future. all silver and glass with circles everywhere. some portholes are windows, some are filled with pictures of pop stars... it was very surreal. the controller for the karaoke machine was like a device to pilot a spaceship, and it was bigger than a george foreman grill. you had to hold it in two hands and all of the text was in korean. good times.



workhorse karaoke


as we were leaving chorus, supermodel alessandra ambrosio was coming in with a few friends. nothing like seeing a gorgeous brazilian at 4am to make you feel like it's time to call it a night.

i shared a cab with this kid mike and we were chatting so much in the taxi he was all, "should we have one last drink?" i said, sure! but of course when we got out of the cab we realized it was 4:30 and past last call. so we had breakfast instead, and then i was finally home at 6:00 am.

sunday i saw the black dahlia. craptastic.

as always, more later.

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