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g i r l h a t t a n

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

suicide boys

so last night i went to the cloak spring runway show.

i've been to see cloak before, and this show was definitely different. still dark, still rock n' roll, but instead of all black or gray, they showed some red and some white. the all red outfit struck me as very punk rock - more than all black, head to toe red on a man is very "i don't give a fuck." although with a wink - because obviously you do, dear.

i saw concept henry and also the very mussed-up yet still hot jared leto.

later we had dinner at chinatown brasserie.

recommended: crispy skin chicken, shrimp & chive dumplings, shrimp-stuffed tempura green chiles, ginger dragon cocktail.

also recommended: nice koi pond.

overpriced? sure, but someone's got to buy fish food, i guess.

all images via style.com

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