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g i r l h a t t a n

Monday, September 04, 2006

labor pains.

my weekend started, as most good weekends do, on thursday night.

lots and lots of drinks at ono - plus kobe beef and spider rolls.


sham pain




then up to roseland for the justin timberlake post-vma show. we met a skinny skinny boy named mark on the dancefloor.

seen in the VIP balcony: diddy, pink, penelope cruz, usher, chris brown, the rock.

justin timberlake post MTV awards show



hip bone

justin timberlake show

justin timberlake

justin timberlake

sexy back

i thought the show was HOT. jt did a lot of his new stuff, as well as "cry me a river" and "señorita." plus some pseudo covers like "sweet dreams" and nirvana's "smells like teen spirit."

i sort of freaked out when t.i. hit the stage for "my love". other special guests: will.i.am, 3 6 mafia, jc chasez and of course, timbaland.

bringing sexyback, indeed.

coming out of roseland - 52nd and broadway - there were zero cabs to be found. but i did find a pedicab, my new favorite way to travel.

our driver's name was dimitri, and he was from bulgaria.
he taught us how to say "fantastic" in bulgarian (something like fantashtika) and when we hit a red light, he'd pedal in circles, doing doughnuts to keep us entertained. we were going 8 mph through times square on a breezy night and laughing so hard our faces hurt. later we passed by 40/40 club where beyoncé's vma after party was ending and no one could get a cab - guys were trying to ride with us but dimitri pedaled on....

pedicab - dimitri


dimitri, pedicab pedaler

times square from pedicab

times square from pedicab

times square from pedicab


friday i visited aidan and got some curlights, but the rain and wind aka "tropical depression" ernesto kept me mostly inside until sunday.

sunday, i somehow started drinking at about 2pm - a caipirinha at esperanto...






gold chains

then to brooklyn for the pool party. the parties feel like ps 1 felt about nine or ten years ago - free, funky, with cool people. i ran into a lot of people i hadn't seen in a while.

the musical guest was spankrock - amanda blank came out, too - at at the end, so did my girl MIA.

(listen to spankrock & amanda blank - blow)

brooklyn bound

dodgeball@ mccarren pool

mccarren pool

mccarren pool

DJ duda


mccarren pool


after leaving the pool, we stopped by the garden of miss williamsburg for a taste of the dance music supplied by turntables on the hudson...

but we were so tired we couldn't stay long (plus i had three beers while in the pool) so we ended up having a super fancy dinner.


later i tried to rally to hang out in crown heights for jouvet - the festivities that happen at about 2am the night before the carnival - but after another beer and a shot of rum i was exhausted and had to go home...

but i was back in brooklyn the next day for the parade and some curried chicken and rice.

to be honest, i think the food i had last year was better. but i still had lots of fun.

west indian day parade - brooklyn

west indian day parade - brooklyn

west indian day parade - brooklyn museum

special thanks to peter - or matthew - maguire (or mcguire!)

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