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Thursday, December 07, 2006

blow me, baby, it's cold outside

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when i get my hair done in my neighborhood, i go to mi salon where a super sweet dominican woman named jauna tugs and pulls and scorches my curls until they're super shiny and super straight with just the tiniest flip at the bottom. but mi salon closes at like 6:30 or something and i'm never home before 7pm.

so i'm always on the lookout for a late blow out. (sounds so so filthy!)

anyway. last year i tried red market, where a frenchy frenchman spun pin straight locks in record time, for about $60. that's more than double the price of mi salon, but i had a glass of wine and practiced my fran├žais in a loft with eurotechno playing.

last night i went to blow. it's all pink and cute inside, and my stylist took her time, was very gentle, used a low setting, didn't tug, also used a flat iron, and got my hair to be stick straight in under an hour. while she was working i was thinking this is never going to work, where's the pulling, the pain? but my hair is mad straight, yo. and again, $60 price tag. but i'm going to a party tonight and that is how i roll.

so around this time of the year it's possible to OD on christmas songs and fall to the ground in a seizure-like state. but there's one winter song i never get sick of, and that's "baby it's cold outside".

i'm probably one of the few people my age who has actually seen neptune's daughter, in which esther williams and ricardo montalban sing it to each other. (that's because i love musicals, swimming and AMC.)

anyhoo, over at falalalala.com they're got 14 different versions, and i downloaded them all.

my faves:

ella fitzgerald - baby it's cold outside

doris day & bing crosby - baby it's cold outside

louis armstrong - baby it's cold outside

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Stephen said...

Thanks for the link to falalalala. I hope you enjoyed the essay, and I'm glad you liked the songs.