g i r l h a t t a n

g i r l h a t t a n

Friday, December 15, 2006

television girl

my true love

so so psyched that rome is coming back. TV has sucked so hard lately with all the dancing and singing and american idleness.* give me drama, death, sex, full frontal nudity, hotness!

speaking of hotness, james purefoy was quoted on page six today:

December 15, 2006 -- BRITISH actor James Purefoy doesn't open up to Out magazine on why he quit halfway through the production of "V for Vendetta" - but he does open up about his sexuality. Purefoy told the mag that while he's straight, he will "never say never" when it comes to having sex with a man. "Anyone who went to an English [private] school in the 1970s will have had some kind of a gay experience," he said. "You bang 500 adolescent hormonal boys together at exactly the time when they're exploring their sexuality, and don't be surprised if some shenanigan comes out of it."

haha he said "bang 500 boys." oh, and james purefoy and i have the same birthday. is it destiny?

meanwhile i predict taylor handley will be the teen heartthrob of the spring. i've seen two episodes of hidden palms and if you miss the old OC, you'll be into it. i am. oh, and guess what? unlike the OC, there are actual BLACK PEOPLE in the cast. and an asian chick. imagine that.

if you're paying attention, you'll notice that james, taylor and i are all geminis. wondertwin power activate.

what, pray tell, has happened to my other fave gem, dirty colin? he's laying low? working with woody allen and staying sober? i miss him.

here's a highly repetitive track for you: television girl

last, but not least, here is a commercial for coffee starring brad pitt:

*i do, however, love ugly betty

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